Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 210 - 155.4 Skinny-girl hair, 4 miles, Mad Men

I want skinny-girl hair. You know, the kind of hair-do that doesn't require teasing and poofiness and lots of hairspray to offset the chubby chin and cheeks. I've had a styled, layered hair style for about 4 years, and I've really enjoyed it as a change to the shoulder length bob I had for most of my 20s and early 30s.

Now I am growing out my layers and want to get rid of the poofiness. I want to be able to wear it back in a pony tail, or down on my shoulders all sexy and swingy and soft. I couldn't pull those looks off with 50 extra pounds on me, because I carry a lot of weight in my face. But I told my hairstylist yesterday what I wanted and she agreed it would look good on me now. So my stick straight hair is in the growing out phase, and maybe by the time I reach goal, I'll have the skinny-girl hair to match.
I headed out in the 90 degree heat yesterday. It wasn't as bad as it could have been--the humidity seemed low(er) and there was a breeze. I ran in shade probably half the time. The first mile was blissful, then when I cut over to the lovely tree-lined street, I got a side stitch. Haven't had one of these since I started running, and I don't remember what causes them (dehydration? overexertion?). Will have to research that, or just wait for you knowledgeable people to tell me what the heck causes that miserable pain.

Anyway, I walked a few minutes and then ran and then walked, ad naseum, until the freaking stitch went away. And I was pretty stupid in that I didn't take a water bottle with me--I know, I know. I just got in a hurry and forgot to bring it. Lesson learned.

By the time I got back to my neighborhood I'd done 3 miles and I was ready to quit. I had a choice--to turn right and go home or to turn left and put in the 4 miles I promised myself I'd do.

I turned left, of course! And I must admit that thinking of my online runner friends and the miles they put in and the heat they run through was quite a motivation for me. I kept thinking, "What would Wendy do?" Well, she'd finish 4 miles and run 10 more. But, what would Wendy do if she were me and had one more mile to go? Would she quit? Hell no.

Boy, it feels good to say I ran 4 miles (even though I walked part of it) in 50:13. I was out there in the heat and on the concrete, and I didn't quit even when I wanted to. Tigerlilly, you are right--I am one of them now!
Have you all watched AMC's Mad Men? It's on Thursday nights. I am so in love with this show. It's set in 1960, in a Manhattan advertising firm. We've been watching the earlier episodes from iTunes (Mark got an iPod adapter so you can hook it up to the TV and watch iTunes movies on the TV--it ROCKS!), but there are still new episodes on now. I think it was a summer series, so I'm not sure how much longer it will be on.

Since there's no more Sopranos or 24 (which better be a lot better than it was last year or I'm done with that one), I've got no TV to watch. I'm not into reality TV and haven't watched Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives since their first seasons. I really liked Dirt with Courtney Cox when it was on, but it got mixed reviews (it was a pretty weird show) and I don't know if it will be back. So Mad Men is a welcome distraction. It's interesting to see how women were treated back then. We've really come a long way, baby.
If I get a run in today, it will be after the kids go to bed, which is always doubtful. Sophie has a dentist appointment at 2:50 and without the gym day care, I have nowhere to put her once she's out of school's day care. There's still no news on the status of the gym. I'm guessing it will be months before it's open, though, because (according to the TV news footage) there were firemen on the roof with axes and fire hoses. And certainly the water and smoke did major damage that will take a while to repair. An afternoon run today wouldn't be a good idea anyway, because there's a stinking ozone warning out for our city--that means the air is not safe to breathe.

Ahhh, Southern Indiana. A runner's paradise.


Tigerlilly said...

I know exactly what you mean when you say Skinny-girl hair. I cut off 22 inches of hair when I gained weight... especially after I saw a picture of myself from the back. I looked like a big fat blonde biker man wearing pink! LOL Not a pretty site. Anyway, now my hair is shoulder length and I am thinking I might start letting it go again too. Who knows.. maybe it will be healthier looking too...

I will have to see if we get Mad Men. I havent heard of it.. but it sounds good.

I am so glad that you didn't give up and that you ran that last mile! That is awsome! Like I've said a million times before.. your such an inspiration! and its ok if your 'one of them'... I kinda wanna be one too!!! hehehe

Grumpy Chair said...

WWWD (What Would Wendy DO) - Love it!!! And I knew that you would turn left.

I love "Rescue Me" with Denis Leary. It is on FX but the season finale was last week.

If you have never seen it, rent the DVD's from the first season. It is a bit chauvonistic, but the dialog is great.

Lori said...

I immediately thought "What Would Wendy Do" (WWWD) too!

You did great and you are always sticking with it and going gangbusters with it. I can imagine Southern Indiana is a trifle bit humid -- it's not that far from Kentucky and it's definitely below the Mason-Dixon line (i.e., tropical weather).

Keep up the good work!

ws said...

I have no idea what causes side stitches (I'd guess it is food related though). The best way I know to get rid of them is to focus on exhaling while the foot of the opposite side of the stitch is landing on the ground. So if your stitch is on the left side, exhale as your right foot is hitting the ground. Drinking water too fast, I think, will only make them worse, so if you have water drink slowly.

Wendy, she's crazy, don't follow her...but, I'm glad you gutted out the last mile, much better feeling than if you decided to go home. (I won't however be running those extra 4 tonight, because I'll sprint them and that would be a bad idea).

There is no shame in walking at all...walking before you get tired is a much better strategy than waiting until the end and feeling like you are doing a death march.

I second the Rescue Me advice from GC - great show if you can tolerate the machoism.

Marcy said...

OMG I KNOW exactly what you mean (about the skinny girl hair) only I never wore my hair poofy. I always had it down and made sure it was covering my chunky cheeks LOL

Awesome job on that run!!! ;D ;D That's crazy weather to be running in! You rock!

Tiffany said...

Good for you for running 4 miles in 90 degree weather. Now I remember why I never ran or exercised as a kid - I lived in Kansas and 100 degree weather is not fun, 90 degree weather is not fun. I love running but in the middle of the summer it does start to slack off - I can't deal with running in 80 degree weather and very little humidity!! I live in the mountains of Colorado and enjoy running at all times of the year except July and August and maybe when it is -25 outside!

Jess said...

Perhaps we should all print up some WWWD braclets to wear when running!