Sunday, September 16, 2007

5K Race Day Report

I did it! I ran my first race. When I called my husband to let him know I was done (he had stayed home with the kids), he asked "Did you win?" He was totally joking, and I had a great laugh.

I am so proud of myself.... I finished in 32:03 (the 3 is an estimate, not sure what the official time is, but that's what I saw as I crossed the finish line). My stop watch has me at 32:13, but I forgot to stop it until I was half way through the finish chute. Whatever the last few seconds are, I am thrilled with finishing in 32-ish minutes.
Rank, name, age, gender, finish, pace
371, Laura N, 37, F, 32:01, 10:19

I got a call from a friend from the gym at 7:10 a.m. asking for a ride to the race, which was a welcome surprise. She is the girl who worked at LA Weight Loss and met me when I weighed 207 pounds, and we've kept in touch since we both work out at the same gym (she got fired from LA--long story, she totally didn't deserve it and I love her to pieces). She has lost over 70 pounds and has kept it off for over a year. Anyway, she made it such a fun experience. Getting to talk and hang out with her before the race was excellent.

I picked her up at 8 a.m. and we parked at the gym and walked about 5 minutes to the mall, where the Komen 5K race is held. There were 16,300 participants this year-- a record for our town. It was amazing to see all the breast cancer survivors in their Pink t-shirts. Very inspirational. The race started at 9 a.m. and the weather was perfect at around 60 degrees with mostly cloudy skies.

We lined up close to the front of the pack, because Elizabeth wanted to run for time (she finished in 28:42) and heck, so did I. So it only took about 5 seconds after the start before I got over the official starting line.

For the first mile I got passed like crazy. It freaked me out for a while, seeing kids and out of shape men in jean shorts running past me. Then I just got in my own little groove and put on my blinders and ran my own race. I'm sure I eventually passed some of those who passed me, but I really didn't notice. I was shocked at mile 1 to see a time of 10:02. I figured they'd marked the course wrong (see how much faith I have in my running ability?). Then at mile 2 the clock said 20:35 and I thought, hey I'm keeping up a great pace! I ran the whole thing, walking only through the two water stations.

When I saw the finish line with the pink balloon arch, it was all I could do just to keep my pace steady and not sprint for the finish. I knew I couldn't hold a sprint for long and didn't want to cross the finish line walking or ready to pass out. I kicked it up a little bit, but just enough to feel like I was making an extra effort. I forwarded my iPod to the last song in my 5K song list and thoroughly enjoyed running the last distance listening to Cake sing "The Distance."

He's going the distance.
He's going for speed.
She's all alone, all alone in her time of need.
Because he's racing and pacing and plotting the course,
He's fighting and biting and riding on his horse.
He's going the distance.

My first song on my race song list is "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. It's usually the first song I listen to any time I run, and it says so much about who I am right now and who I am becoming....

I am unwritten,
Can't read my mind
I'm undefined
I'm just beginning
The pen's in my hand
Ending unplanned

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words
That you could not find
Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

Elizabeth and me at the gym before the race.


Kat @ The Weigh We said...

WOW!!! I'm so thrilled for you!! I'm hoping to follow in your speedy footsteps before year's end. Congratulations....simply AWESOME! I'm going to go back through your blog to read about how you trained.

ws said...

Great job, just as predicted. That is a great time for a 5K, first one or not. And, now that you have the race behind you there is no reason to stress over the HM in the spring. You should have sprinted to the finish - the fun of a 5K is finishing and feeling like you'll pass out - or maybe that is just me.

My parents usually ask "what took so long" if I call after a race. Down here lots of older women like to line up at the front so they can get on TV. Needless to say, they get passed - 5K's are kind of like playing bumper pool for the first 1/4 mile.

And, let me get this straight. You live in Indiana and you are watching cartoons instead of Peyton? Watching Peyton is like watching perfection in a uniform. Isn't there a law on the books requiring residents of Indiana to watch Colts games? (sorry, I can't imagine Sunday without football and I'm a bit drunk.)

ws said...

sorry, my comment wasn't meant to be offensive at all. shouldn't be commenting drunk, I guess. congrats again.

Tigerlilly said...

Yahoooooo!!! What a wonderful feeling! I bet you are feeling as high as a kite....

I hope we are as much alike as you say we are, because that means I am going to win the race... just like you have! That gives me alot of hope! thanks!

As for the charting... I am going to start doing one on my excorcise, like you suggested.. it will have to start tomorrow (I'm still trying to figure out a place to put the tready).. As for TTOM, well, I had ovarian cancer 2 years ago and had a full hysterectomy. I no longer have my period, but my body still seems to go through the cycle... emotionally maybe!

Anyway.. I'm proud of you for doing so awsome.. keep it up!!

Marcy said...

WOW!!!! Awesome job!!! LOL you sound like me "I figured they'd marked the course wrong (see how much faith I have in my running ability?)" Now that you have the first one down, when is the next? ;-)

Grumpy Chair said...

Oh Laura!!! Congratulations on your first 5K and what an awesome finish time.

We need to write Women's World and get you a cover.

Just think in February you weighed 207 pounds and less than 10 months later you are running your first 5K and 50 pounds thinner.

Truly amazing and inspirational.

ws said...

glad I didn't offend. When I was at Stanford we would see Elway around once in a while - I think his daughter was a freshman the year after I graduated...

Vickie said...

Good for you!!!!!

I was glad to see your post and know that everything went well.

Pasta Queen wrote a blog about running in a race in Indy this weekend too.

You girls are really showing your strength - mental and physical.

So, glad that you had a friend to go with you - that had to make it much more relaxed before the start.

PS - I am so glad that your little bout of sickness was last week and that you were fine by this past weekend.

Lori said...

Oh Laura, I'm so so so proud of you and so happy for you! You go! You rule! :-)

You've come so far!

Debbi said...

Great job! I'm really happy for you and very impressed with your time. Congratulations!

the veggie paparazzo said...

I run to those two songs, too!