Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Day 195 - 158.4 Progress?

Hmmm. Down a bit today. I was down 2 pounds on Saturday, too, but was back up 2 pounds on Monday. We'll see if this one holds.

I made it to the gym yesterday at lunch, and it wasn't the best run but at least I was there. I think 3 days off from exercise makes it tough to get a great run the first day back. Maybe today will be better.

I have to share this picture from Monday. I am pleased with what I see--even in 2-D, my body is looking so much better. And here are the glorious Sophie and Luke for your viewing pleasure. We took them to the park to feed the ducks on Labor Day. It was humid as heck and the ducks are clearly overfed because they were ambivalent at best at our saltine offerings. Perhaps we should bring cheese to go along with the crackers next time.


Grumpy Chair said...

Laura, you look super fantastic!!!!

Your children are so cute. I remember when your little man was cutting his first tooth over a year ago.

You should be very proud how you look. This is what all the hard work is about - being satisfied with what you see in the mirror and in photos.

Tigerlilly said...

You look fantastic!! and you kidlets are adorable too!!

I had the exact same 'holiday' you did. Ate everything in site and didn't bother with exorcise.

Today is a BOT day for me.(back on track)... drinking tons of iced tea and water... eating healthy fruits and veggies.

I'll be sending good vibes your way.. see ya on the treadmill!!

ws said...

If I looked that good in 2D, I don't think I'd be dieting!

how ironic that I'm hoping 2 days will heal all of my aches and pains and make for a better run on Friday!

Lori said...

Oh Laura, you look so fantastic! And I'm so happy you're happy about how you look. Your babies are so cute and gorgeous.