Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 207 - 156.2

Thank you all so much for your kind words of support and congratulations. It means a great deal to me.

Yesterday after the race, we all puttered around the house and did nothing. The kids stayed in PJs all day, and we had a lot of fun playing with toys, watching movies, and hanging out. It was a nice family day at home.

And of course, that's a recipe for me to eat whatever the heck I want. I had a nice lunch of fish and veggies, but it all went down hill from there. Mostly I just grazed on carby foods (there were no pints of ice cream or raw cookie dough consumed, so it wasn't a total meltdown), but I was definitely not on plan food wise and didn't write everything down.

My attitude about it today is, so what? It's gonna happen, that's life. I'm back on track and that's what matters. As long as I'm not having snacky slip-up days frequently and my weight's not going up, then all is well.

On the bad news front, there was a fire at our gym last night. They think it started with a heater in the sauna. Thankfully no one was there and no one was hurt. BUT, MY GYM IS CLOSED! I called and got a recording that said the gym is closed and to call back tomorrow. Who knows how long it will take to get things operating again. Smoke and water damage can take forever to clean up. My daughter had swim lessons tonight which obviously are cancelled. And the temps are creeping back into the upper 80s this week, so running after work is going to be hot and humid.

WAAAHHHH! I do NOT want to become a morning runner.... but it sure as hell looks like that's what's going to happen if the gym doesn't get all fixed up soon. Guess I'll be visiting Mapmyrun this afternoon.....


ws said...

Can you be a "just after sunset" runner instead of a morning runner? obviously, I'm all about running I say, go for it. run against traffic and on asphalt instead of concrete if possible. (blacktop gives more than concrete)

enjoy whatever you decide to do!

Marcy said...

I think that's a great attitude! We aren't robots, everyone has to indulge every once and awhile :-) And you're absolutely right, it's not the one time every once and awhile indulgence that will hurt you. It's when you make it a habit that's the killer. Just think of it as a reward for doing so well on your 5k :-)

But once you get used to it . . .morning runs are the best! LOL

Pokey said...

As someone who fights the weight loss on a daily basis too are doing great! Just remember that each day is a NEW day....dont beat yourself up for bad food decisions...just pick up and move on. Make each day a new start and you will do GREAT!

Tigerlilly said...

Because we live so far out of town.. and the gym isn't worth the hour drive both ways.. we invested on the treadmill. Totally worth the money, and its open 24hrs a day!!

AS for the cheat day.. eh, we all need it once in a's just like you said,as long as its not an every day occurence.. its all good!