Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Day 194 - 159.8 Post "Holiday"

It wasn't even a "real" holiday (sorry, all you Labor-ers out there--I know it's real to you! ;-) but I sure ate like it was. I was totally relaxed about food for 3 days, but not necessarily in a good way. More of a "I'm not losing so why not eat whatever I want" way.

Saturday night I made chocolate chip cookies with my daughter. I knew this was a land mine and I did it anyway. I think I ate 8 cookies, raw. Yep, the uncooked dough. Then 3 more out of the oven. I figure I had about 1,000 calories in cookies.

Then Sunday morning we went to Bob Evans for breakfast and I had the strawberry-banana crepes. They were so decadent and delicious.

Yesterday wasn't too bad, but I had two servings of dessert at our friends' house. I did skip the burgers and hot dogs, so it could have been worse.

No gain on the scale yet. But these things can sneak up on you when you least expect it.

So today I'm working on getting back on track, including a run at the gym this afternoon.

This plateau is messing with my head. Jack Sprat has a blog entry on plateaus that I keep returning to, and I know it's the truth. I'm definitely at that point where my desire to change is equal to my desire to stay the same. Kicking it up a notch to get the rest of the weight off isn't in my plans right now, because I've just got so much going on. So it's got to remain status quo for a while longer.

I just hope I'm not still saying that a few months from now.

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ws said...

any 3-day weekend is a real holiday. I don't care what they call it. At least the cookies sound tasty...

I'm sure I can't add any good advice because I've resolved to accept the plateau; in fact I'm not even sure when the last time I was on a scale was...

hope you have a good workout tonight.