Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 201 - 158.0

I didn't get to LAWL yesterday for my Day 200, 50 pounds lost event. Just too busy at work. I wished I had made it, because today I'm up a bit on the scale. I probably won't hit that magic 50 today at weigh in.

I'm sure the small gain is because since Saturday I've been having snack attacks around 9 or 10 at night and eating 400-600 calories of starchy crap. Last night was the worst--I'll spare you the food porn. Let's just say that being up a pound is a nice wake up call. I'm going to get diligent about keep my calories down around 1400 calories so I can get to goal. It's just silly to work hard and do great all day, then blow it in a span of 10 minutes.

On a positive note, I ran 3.7 miles yesterday and ran my fastest 5K yet--32:51. Today I hope to run 4 miles.

It is finally cooling off outside and the first touch of fall is in the air today. Tomorrow the highs are supposed to be 70-75. I have 2 long sleeve shirts and 2 pairs of pants that fit me, that I bought this summer on the 70% off rack. I don't have an overcoat or sweaters or business jackets that fit. So I need to go shopping. What an excellent problem to have. I just hope I can find some Fall sales so I'm not paying full price to replenish my wardrobe.

I've added a sidebar with my total running miles in 2007. I spent part of my Saturday night updating my exercise spreadsheet with addition formulas to calculate my total mileage each week. I was completely surprised to see I'd already run over 100 miles since March.

It's for totally practical reasons, so I know when to replace my running shoes. Uh huh, yeah right. It's because I'm a numbers nerd when it comes to goals and I *need* those numbers to help me keep moving. I'm sure Wendy will be very proud of me. =)


ws said...

great run. you'll totally rock on Sunday...

highs in the 70-75 degree range sounds heavenly. I have a pile of old work pants in my closet that will (hopefully) never fit me again.

there is a safety in numbers. they are what they are, no judging, no opinion, just an absolute fact.

Vickie said...

The best place for finding really good deals (here anyway) is Macy's. Quality stuff and if you are on their mailing list or watch the paper, they have coupons (one day shoppers) out all the time.

I have also had good luck at TJMaxx - have to try everything on - but often good selection in sizes and styles. Middle child does well there too.