Sunday, September 09, 2007

Day 199 - 156.8 - $50 on the line for May

I saw some friends at church today that I hadn't seen all summer, and we talked about my weight loss (it's impossible not to when I haven't seen someone for 3 months) and about running. Lori ran a marathon earlier this year in St. Louis, and her husband is a runner too. So it was neat to talk with some people in "real life" about running.

I mentioned wanting to do the Indy Mini Marathon in May, and they said "Is it sold out yet?" WHAT? Sold out? It's in May for crying out loud. Turns out, the Indy Mini is the biggest half marathon in the country. 35,000 people were in it this past May, and it sold out in November of 2006. Since it's September, I beat the rush and I am signed up!

It cost me $50 to register (holy cow! this racing thing may get expensive ;-) and I don't want to blow that much cash and not show up. So I'm running 13.1 miles in Indy on May 3, 2008.

We even get to run around the Race Track. How freaking cool is that?!

I may be a little insane to sign up for this before I've even completed my first 5K, but WTF I say.... what's the worst that can happen? I get addicted to running and want to run a marathon next?

Hmmm..... a marathon in my 40th birthday year (2010) wouldn't be a bad idea, now that I think about it. Okay, okay, I'll slow down and get that 5K under my belt first.


Grumpy Chair said...

Yay to you!!! Congratulations on your spectacular weight loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And for signing up for the half marathon. We will all be cheering you on.

I wanted to let you know, that was a very loving essay you wrote about your husband.

ws said...

there are apparently lots of crazy people out there which is why races sell out so quickly, I guess... congratulations and don't stress about the 5K or this half-mary.

I was thinking I should find a marathon to run on my birthday next year, but we'll see...

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, Laura, I'm so proud of you! That's so awesome, first your race next weekend and this one. (And yes,running around the track would be cool beans!)

You have come a long way but yet I still remember you as a runner. You look so fantastic and even more beautiful which seems impossible!