Monday, September 08, 2008

150.8 - Four days down, three to go

This is the first weekend since June when I haven't had a gain on a Monday.

Today is day 5 of the crack diet, and it wasn't an easy weekend, to be sure. On Saturday night, I smelled a chocolate cookie that my husband had for dessert--smelling was the closest I could get to tasting (yes, he thought I was nuts)--and inhaled it so deeply I swear I must have consumed at least 25 calories just from the aroma.

And yesterday I had some frozen cool whip free, which is not on the fat loss cracking plan, but it was better than sharing some of the chocolate ice cream my daughter and DH had after lunch.

Other than the cool whip, I stuck to my plan. And I stopped eating yesterday at 6 p.m. I've not been very hungry, but I've also not had much energy to do extra stuff, like, you know, run. I didn't get to go on Friday like I'd planned, and Saturday & Sunday were exceedingly lazy.

Thursday I get to quick counting carbs and get to have a carbohydrate other than a vegetable. Same goes for Friday. Saturday I get to eat a whopping two carb foods before 3 p.m. This is a pretty strict plan--the carb selections are limited to low glycemic choices--and I keep reviewing the plan weeks for what's ahead, salivating over the Carb Up days. Any carb at this point will be a welcome carb.

My first CH day isn't for almost 6 weeks. CH=cheat day, when I can eat whatever I want (although the author of the diet book says "don't stuff"--ha!). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can maintain this thing long enough to "earn" that cheat day.

Results on the scale and in my clothes will hopefully be enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

One thing that is noteworthy in her book. She talks a lot about how the body expends energy, and how it burns fat. Basically, the last thing the body wants to do is burn fat. So you have to teach it to (which is the point of the first low carb week & subsequent low carb days alternated throughout the 8 week diet). Here's how she explains it: "Think of how you do your weekly shopping, but think of the grocery store as the fat store. Just as you don't go to the grocery store every day, your body doesn't go grab fat that way. Your body wants to hold onto fat, so it won't tap into it daily." That idea really helps me deal better with daily scale readings.


Running Knitter said...

Smelling the chocolate cookie! I so know what you mean. Great job - keep it up!

Vickie said...

very interesting reading

I am very offended by food smells - like Burger King piping it out into the parking lot to attract business. We actually had a business in town the was forced to stop piping it out - because it was near a residential area.

It will be intesting to see
1. if you choose to eat highly processed junk/carbs when you hit your cheat day or if you just eat more of the good ones
2. if the cheat day will set off the WANTS

I mean no judgement in either one of the statements - I mean them like I think - like a science exeriment - keeping salt/sugar addiction in mind.

I STILL get the wants if I eat that type of foods - it is a very clear line - eat good carbs - the WANTS are quiet - eat bad carbs - the WANTS are like screaming ghouls.

G.G. said...

Way to hang in there!

Jodie said...

Day 5 - yay who! LOL...smelling the cookie. I could totally do that right now. You'll have much more energy once you start adding the good carbs back. I really love the ezkiel bread for breakfast.

Good job on cracking.

Laura N said...

Vickie, I had no idea restaurants purposely piped out the smells! I just thought that's how it worked. I was running the other morning past Sonic, and it almost bowled me over, the smell was so strong & greasy. Yuck.

So far, the only thing I have the WANTS for is quality chocolate. I'm definitely having some solid, expensive, melt on the tongue milk chocolate on my cheat day. If I can even wait that long.

Crap. Now I want chocolate. Again.

And I have a coffee/chocolate protein shake for breakfast every day. It's chocolate flavored, but it's not hitting the spot.

Heather said...

hooray! thats awesome! great job making it through the weekend. I wish I could say that I have lost the past few mondays, but Im on week #2 of a gain on Mondays.

MCM Mama said...

Good job! Keep it up! Once you start getting more carbs, the energy will come back and the running will feel good again.