Wednesday, September 17, 2008

147.2 - No bloat!

So my carb up dinner was much better than my carb up snack. I had pasta with meat sauce that DH had made the night before, with a slice of regular wheat toast. The pasta was the protein enriched kind. I also had another No Pudge brownie.

I didn't feel sluggish or bloated like I did yesterday afternoon. And I think the difference is that dinner included some protein and the starches were less refined.

Vickie, the diabetic/carb sensitive carb up meals include protein with each starch. You eat smaller amounts of starch with protein, and over 3 meals. On the non-diabetic carb up day, it's over 2 meals and protein isn't required with the starches. I think I like having some protein with a smaller amount of starch.

It's weird to say, I missed my protein meals yesterday. I guess you can get used to things pretty quickly.

I also got in a run while Sophie had swim class. It was just 3 miles, and I did not feel up to it. I had problems with asthma all day yesterday, even at the office, and at the gym I just never felt like I was getting enough air. I think I've also lost some cardio endurance by taking it lightly the past couple of weeks while on the diet. Ah, well. It will come back.

Today is DH's night with the kids (at least, it's supposed to be, we'll see how the day goes), and I'm planning to go to the 6 p.m. weights class. And it's a Baseline Day on The Diet, which means two healthy starches--one at breakfast and one at lunch.

And look at that scale reading! I really thought it would be up since I had carbs yesterday, and so was very surprised at a loss.

Y'all realize that when I see that weight, I don't believe it. I get on and off the scale THREE TIMES to make sure it's right. I go make my coffee, pee again, and get back on the scale again to make sure it's not lying to me. Today when I got on for Round Two, it said 157.0! But then I got back off and on again, and it was back to 157.2. Is it any wonder I don't trust the numbers? I know, I know. I'm a scale addict. Yada yada yada.

My size 8 J. Jill jeans (they aren't blue-jeans, but are khaki colored and kind of dressy, if that makes sense) that I bought a month or so ago and were a smidge too tight, fit really nicely today. And I measured my waist yesterday and it's at 30.5 inches. I would love to have a sub 30" waist. I never dreamed I'd be this close.

Obsessed over numbers? Me? Naahhh......


Jill said...

wow look at you shrinking all over!!!

I know what you mean about the scale - I get off and on 3 times, too!! Just gotta be sure, ya know?

*sigh* there was a time when I had a 30" waist...about 12 years ago!! Oh well, it will get there again. I hope.

Have fun at your weights class (lift some for me will ya?).

G.G. said...

The "link and balance" thing of always eating a protein with a carb (and I think limiting the carb to not more than 30 g at a time) is one of the strategies advised to people with insulin resistance, if you didn't already know that. I think the theory is that your body doesn't burn through the carb as quickly when it's got some protein to burn at the same time, meaning you prevent the low sugar crash. Sort of like building a fire with both tinder and a more substantial kind of wood--it burns steadier and longer, whereas tinder by itself is gone in a flash.

And like you mentioned, some carbs burn slower than others, too. For example, grapefruits and apples don't affect blood sugar as drastically as orange juice.

Vickie said...

I was going to say exactly what gg said about the carbs/protein and insulin resistance.

When I was doing a slightly different version of what you are doing now, I was at 215 lbs.

The first thing that they had us do was take a test to see whether or not we were insulin resistant.

I was - I interpreted that is pre-diabetic. And I have always assumed that most of US are/were pre-diabetic - ???

So because I was considered insulin resistant, I was on the plan that had only good carbs, a very careful amount of carbs, and carbs always with a protein. I have done that ever since.

MCM Mama said...

You are doing great! Now that the first part is done, you can focus a bit more on working out again.

I'm doing low carb this week to drop a bit of water weight before a wedding. I thought of you yesterday during my 7 mile run - it was a lot harder than usual!

Heather said...

that sounds so great! thanks for posting about it on my blog...I really am considering it. its scary to move away from LAWL because I know it works for me and doesnt feel like a "diet" but after all your posting, I may just have to give in and give this a shot. I will let you know if I do!

Carly said...

Laura, seriously girl you are down to nothin'! I may have to follow your lead on do something like this to jump start

Cindy...154 said...

OK I am getting the book. You are doing so great. I remember doing an eating plan that cycled carbs. It worked great but back then I knew nothing about maintenance. I lost quickly but then I stopped and started eating wildly. That was the year I gained 40 pounds. It had nothing to do with the carb cycling diet. I'm calling my bookstore and getting the crack book today!!!