Tuesday, September 09, 2008

149.8 - Pay off

Nothing is more motivating, to me, at this stage of the game, than seeing a weight below 150.

The first time I saw 149ish was on June 21st. The last time I saw it was on July 3rd. And before those two times, it was in my mid 20s.

I hope the 140s stick around for a while this time.

It's been strange to go to bed without eating anything before hand. I know that probably sounds weird to you all who don't have a night eating problem. Why would you eat right before bed, you might say. For me, it was a comfort thing. A full belly, a carbed-up body & brain, helped me relax & (I thought) sleep better.

The past 5 nights I've stopped eating about 2 hours before bed, and a couple nights it has been more like 4 or 5 hours. For obvious reasons the first few nights were tough. Last night and the night before, I had my vanilla protein shake after dinner, put the kids to bed, did some chores, and it seemed natural to just go to bed and not raid the kitchen.

I know a lot of this has to do with what I'm putting into my body during the day. Low carb eating helps assuage those carb cravings, eventually. I guess I've crossed the hump by now.

I have to admit, it's nice waking up without cotton mouth and not feeling all bloated. Those healthier feelings in the morning do help make the nights easier. (psst, so does half a xanax, but don't tell anyone I said so.)

My running, though, is still suffering from the lack of carbs. Several of you have assured me that the running will come back when carbs come back. Man, I hope so. I could barely eek out 2 miles of running yesterday, and I tacked on .5 miles of walking just to round out a 30 minute workout. I've got a 10 mile run coming up this weekend, and I'm wondering if I'll have enough carbs in me yet to do that one. It may be I move my last week's run of 6.2 miles to this week, and move the 10 miler to next week. My half isn't until October 12, and I've pretty much given up finishing in less than 2:25:00 (I'll save the faster time goal for Indy in May). So the goal isn't speed. It's just to finish. Which I totally know I can do.

Perhaps this race I'll even be at my age 23 weight of 145 pounds. That's a goal I've dreamed of reaching for over a decade.


Cindy154 said...

Wow!! That is great!! Congratulations!! I know how awesome it felt when I saw the 140's and I know I will be back there soon. I was in them until late July when I had that pre vacation gain. Mid 140's is where I want to get before Winter. Firmly rooted. They are very close..Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

LG said...

That's fantastic news! I understand about the night eating. You'll get to your goal weight but be careful; don't stretch yourself too thin. (No pun intended.)

Do you think that one other reason for being okay with going to bed without eating has to do with the mental attitude? I was wondering if you felt like you had taken care of yourself throughout the day and maybe you didn't need to reward yourself or something. It's just a thought. (And it shows MY mental process, doesn't it?)

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, Laura! I am So excited for you! And going to bed without eating. I know what a victory that is! If you can make it a habit that will stick, that will be fantastic!

I am curious, is this first week calorie restrictive too? How much protein/calories do those shakes have?

I didn't know that carbs had that much influence on running. I guess I kinda thought food was food. Which as I write I know is stupid, because I know about carbo-loading and that carbs are more immediately available to you.

Running Knitter said...

That's so awesome! Congrats!

Jill said...

Great job girlie!!! What's funny to me is that I had more energy when I cut back on the carbs, but I'm not a runner either. I always feel so sluggish after a big carb-fest (which I should admit is usually at the same time I am having a sugar-fest as well.)

But 149 - yay!!! The longer you go without the night eating, the easier it will become to give it up entirely. You are doing so great and I am so proud of you!

Laura N said...

Lori--good questions. I usu. eat/ate at night because (a) I was tired & needed a fix of my drug, (b) I was grouchy & mad at something (kids, DH, myself, the world, whatever) & needed an escape, (c) it's a habit, (d) my body wanted more carbs b/c that's what I had fed it all day. I rarely thought of night eating as a reward because of running or eating well. Sometimes I would think of an ice cream cone or a big breakfast on the weekends as a reward for those things, but night eating, for me, is a whole different animal. One that it is high time I tame.

Debby, I don't know how many calories I'm eating. I can tell you, I'm eating a lot more fat than normal. That's what you have to do when you take away the carbs. So, more cheese, more olive oil, more eggs (only 1 per day--I add 1/2 c. liquid egg whites to 1 egg for breakfast), more meat in general. Protein shakes have about 25 grams of protein, very few carbs, not sure how many grams of fat or calories--I'll have to check. I drink my shake usu. first thing when I wake up, then cook my eggs after Sophie's on the bus. A trick with the eggs--I cook a small handful of broccoli slaw in the egg pan and then add the eggs, and top off with 1/4 c cheddar cheese. The broc. slaw adds some much needed crunch to the eggs. I love eggs w/toast, but can't have toast yet, and the broc. slaw is just the ticket w/only 1 carb.

Jodie said...

YAY-WHO! 140s! That had to feel great stepping on the scale this morning! Almost through week 1!

Good idea about the broccoli slaw. We go through that stuff like crazy. I like to add mushrooms to my eggs too.

Interesting take on the night eating. Looks like you're back in control. Great job L!

Heather said...

that is so exciting! congrats and I hope that you will never have to see a number above this point (only below!).

Vickie said...

This is very interesting on so many levels.

I too started exactly this way - thru Curves - very low carbs (then it was 2 weeks - they have since amended to one week). I ate 6 little meals.

This did several things for me -

each meal was only a couple hours a way. I could make it between meals.

It got me off processed food.

It got me eating at meal time (there were SIX, but they were scheduled and they were all meals!).

It got me eating portions/servings.

At that time I was not eating evenly from the food groups (as much as I do now) but it did have me eating more evenly than I was before.

And at that time I also used protein shakes (made with skim milk and ice cubes in blender).

I found a lot of comfort in following a very specific plan at that time. It was in a Curves book. And I followed it exactly - shopped their shopping list - ate what was printed out for each day - Day One - Meal One - Meal Two - etc.

I used that method for 6 mos or so (I think) - hard to remember - it all blends together in my mind now. The VERY low carb was just for the first 2 weeks - then it seemed like low carbs - but actually it was eating evenly from the food groups.

left to my own devices (at that time) carbs were a HUGE percentage of my intake. I think that is true for a lot of people - when one eats portions/servings and evenly from the food groups - it seems low carb.

Vickie said...

As I read what you have written recently - it sounds as if you are building a foundation - is that how you feel?

Or is it a method/device to get you to a certain number on the scale?

Vickie said...

My husband avoids carbs to a silly degree - and he is learning that if he has NO carbs at dinner - by 10pm he is in serious trouble.

I have explained about portions/servings and healthy carbs - but I guess he likes turning white and feeling shaky . . .

And what you are feeling on your LOW carb duty - does go away when you add back portions/servings and make them healthy. I feel very even all day.

MCM Mama said...

Yay for the 140s!

When do you get to add more carbs back in? The running should come back quickly once you do.

Carly said...

congrats on the 140's! that is awesome! you are doing great.

Pokey said...

OOOOH Laura...I am so itching for 149!!! You give me tons of hope and inspiration lady! ;)

You are doing GREAT!!!!!!