Saturday, September 27, 2008

148.2 - Saturday Ramble

I don't normally post on Saturdays unless I do something remarkable, like run a long run.

But I'm up early thanks to the boy getting up at 6:30 (he apparently didn't get the memo that Saturday's mommy gets to sleep in), and felt like posting a brain dump.

Food was OK yesterday for a carb up day. I ate a bit too much California Pizza Kitchen white pizza last night, but I wasn't over stuffed, just mildly stuffed. That's the thing about those kinds of foods, at least for me--it's hard to know when to stop. Maybe it's because it takes more time to eat your way through a big salad and real protein, and the brain catches up with the stomach in time to say okay, you're full. I pretty much inhaled the thin crust spinachy cheesey goodness in about 90 seconds.

I did get a run in yesterday. Only 3.11 miles, but it was enough. The weather was gorgeous. Really strong breeze, cooler (not cool, but not hot, very Goldilocks) air, and a warm sun going down in the west. I just ran to run. No time goal, so my first couple miles weren't fast. My third mile, though, I guess the endorphins had kicked in early, so I ran hard and averaged around a 9:50 pace (I can't remember exactly what Garmin said and the battery is low so I'm not checking it. Gotta run a long run this weekend, and my charger is at the office).

Speaking of that long run, I need to do 10. My half is only 2 weeks away (!). When I am going to find over 2 hours to run, I have no idea. I knew last night I was going to be too tired to go this morning. Plus DH isn't much of a morning person so I figured I better not even try because if Sophie got up sick, they'd all be lost without Mom around (pathetic, but it's true). Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow morning before church if Sophie's well today, maybe tomorrow night. I hate not having a plan, because that's usually when things don't happen.

The rest of the weekend.... we're supposed to go to an ALS (Lou Gerhig's Disease) Walk this morning downtown, if Sophie's not dizzy. Should be great weather and they have clowns and a bouncehouse so it will be fun for the kids. DH has a paper to write for a class he's taking, and I have the usual laundry and other chores to get done. Then church tomorrow morning and probably lunch out with our friends after. That is, if Sophie is well. Can't go anywhere if she's dizzy.

My food this weekend is "baseline" days, when I get two starches, one at breakfast and one at lunch. My mid morning & afternoon snacks are protein (a chocolate protein/coffee shake in the a.m., tuna salad w/broccoli slaw in the p.m.) and dinner is protein/veggie/fat. Then I can have a protein shake or SF jello for my evening snack. Nothing exciting, but no deprivation either.

Yesterday I was noodling on my weight and body. Will I be satisfied at 145? I think I might. Probably closer to 141-142 will be my goal, so I have a few pounds uptick room. But I will hopefully get there over the next 4 weeks on this diet plan (may or may not happen--that's still a good 6 pounds away and that may not be possible and it may take another go round of the losing phases). My size 8s are getting loose, and the few 6s I have are mostly fitting. If I get down to the 130s, I'll have to buy a whole new wardrobe. And as fun as that sounds, we just don't need to be spending money on clothes right now.

The important thing is that I think I look OK in a loose size 8. And it's the I think/feel that I look okay--not how I actually look-- that's important here. If I can maintain that, then I'll be a happy camper at my happy weight.

Okay, 'nuff ramblin' today. If you've stopped by on the weekend, I hope you are enjoying yours. Hug your loved ones and yourself.

***Sophie's Story***for those of you who don't know the scoop on her dizzy stuff
Sophie is still sleeping, so I'm not sure of her status. She was better by yesterday afternoon, which is the normal pattern of things on the dizzy front. She has been having dizzy/vertigo spells since she was 2 and 1/2. We've done lots of tests--EEG, MRI, CT scan. Seen a pediatric neurologist off and on the past 4 years. Seen an ENT, had special ENT tests run. At first the doctors thought it was complicated migraines, until she had a bout last October that went for 2 weeks. We really thought she might be over them, since the last one she had in May this year was only 1 day. But obviously, we're not. And like I said the other day, it's possibly linked to sinuses/allergies/congestion/virus. But once they start, we don't know how to stop them. The anti-dizzy meds--antivert and the like--don't work. Right now I'm trying to dry her up with zyrtec and benadryl. We'll see if it helps.

Spell check's not working? Oy, what did blogger do now? =)


MCM Mama said...

Hope you can find time to do your long run. I so did not want to do mine this morning, but I forced myself out of bed at 5:30. Thankfully Beer Geek is a morning person, so he can handle the boys. Actually, the best thing that's come out of the marathon training is that I know he can deal with mornings with them now. It really frees me.

Cindy...154 said...

hope you get your run in!!

Vickie said...

the anti dizzy stuff has never worked on me either.

It might not be ONE thing - it might be that several things together or on their own contribute to her swelling, or fluid, or fever there - and that there isn't one clear cut answer.

Long ago - a GP told me that anything processed keeps things "sticky" inside - that everything can't flow and move as it should with too much salt and too much processed. He was talking about 'instant' then - like lemonaide mix - but I did remember that idea - from 35+ years ago.

Have you tried cleaning up her food and seeing what happens?

MizFit said...

did the run happen?

Im up thanks to the TODDLER this morning.
can we send her and your boy off somewhere to be awake so we can sleep??

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, Hope you had a good weekend, and got in a little running! Your food plan sounds very do-able. I seem to do better if I have smaller meals, and more frequently. Still working on the 'smaller'--LOL.

Boy, that stuff with Sophie sounds scary and frustrating. I do remember one of my nieces that had all kinds of tests as a tiny girl (EEG, etc.) Nothing was ever found, and eventually she just grew out of whatever it was. The human body is marvelous but perplexing, and doctors definitely do not know everything there is to know about it. Keeping you guys in my prayers.

LG said...

I hope Sophie is feeling better. I also hope you got in a long run over the weekend.

You're right, it's more important for you to feel good and I hope you (and the gang) are feeling good this morning.