Friday, September 26, 2008

147.8 - TGIF

This has been an absolutely hillacious week. One day, I feel fine and secure. The next I'm sure we are headed for disaster. Normally my roller coasters are self-induced (from hormones, food, internal drama, whatever). But I want off this freaking "bail out" ride. It's awful.

Okay, anyway. Enough of that. I'm happy to report Sophie is at school, even though she was dizzy for a bit this morning and I took her in at 9:30. She is quite congested and may have the beginning of an earache, and like I told Vickie, I think it's quite possible her dizzyness this time is related to allergies/congestion. I'm going to give her benadryl at night and change her daily claritin to zyrtec (why oh why don't they make a generic zyrtec yet? gads, it's expensive).

Since she was with me all day and didn't feel great yesterday afternoon, we didn't go to swim class and I didn't get to run. I need a run. I really, really need a run.

This afternoon my mom is getting the kids, and if all goes well I'm going to run until I can't run anymore. I got a new fuel belt a week or so ago, the kind with four 8 oz bottles, and it is a dream for long runs (I broke it in on my 8 miler last weekend). It fits snugly and comfortably and I don't even notice I'm wearing it. Unless I catch a glimpse of my reflection and then I go, oh yeah, you look like a total running geek, but whatever. It's better to feel good than to look good when you're running.

Today is a carb up day, too, and unlike my last couple of carb up days, I'm not all "YAY I GET TO EAT A BUNCH OF JUNK FOOD!" Yes, I'm going to eat heavier carbs today (regular wheat bread, a cookie or three, probably some fun food at our friends' tonight). But I have an entirely different mind set about it today.

Why? I'm not sure. Maybe because I don't feel as deprived as I did those other days. I've got a few of these carb up days under my belt, and I know that another one is always just a few days away. I don't feel like I have to eat every sweet I crave in one single day. And most definitely because I don't want to go up another 2 pounds again. I expect to gain some. But I don't want to gain unnecessarily. Glycogen stores = good. Extra food = extra fat = bad.

So I'm excited it's Friday, if for no other reason than the stock market will be closed for 2 days and hopefully the smart guys in D.C. will get something hammered out by Monday. I have my doubts about that. I think next week is going to be ugly too. Until this is done, not only are the credit markets pretty much ground to a halt, so is our business. You can't very well tell people to invest their money when you don't know where to invest it.

But I'm going to put my hands over my ears and sing "lalalalala not listening!" all weekend. And maybe I'll find some peace in the process.


EDIT @ 1 P.M.--Just got pack from picking up Sophie at school. She lasted a whole 2 hours. She was fine until they went out on the playground, and the sunshine got to her--it can make her dizzyness worse. She's with my mom at home. And she's drugged up on zyrtec & benadryl. Prayers she gets all better over the weekend.


Jill said...

I hate hate hate work stress!!!! I feel for you!!

I hope you get your run in tonight. It will do wonders for your stress (you already know that though!).

Have a great blissfully-ignorant-of-the-pending-financial-doom-weekend!! =)

Marcy said...

I'm with you on the FB. As long as I slap on the Bodyglide it's all good. I look like a darn camel trekking through the desert with all the stuff I try and stuff in the pockets (not to mention that I have a removable pocket that I bought to stick on it) Good God I'm such a pack rat LOL

LG said...

Just run and don't think about the other stuff. Really, it's out of your control and I have to remind myself about these things too. It's not easy to be powerless over SOME things and it's sure not easy to control the things we CAN control but we have to choose our battles. You're choosing to run and take care of yourself.

Be good to yourself, lady!

Jilligan said...

I haven't left a comment yet but have been following your blog for a while. I noticed you posted on lowcarbfriends also. I was so happy to find the site at first but they sure do give a lot of misinformation. We have a group of 13 crackers and are going strong. Keep up the hard work.

Helen said...

I'm really excited to read this book and learn new science...the more I read from you and Cindy, the more do-able it sounds (at least the more I'm interested in finding out some new strategies -- knowledge is power!).

I'm with you on the bailout's very scary...and it's far from over. :-(

Pokey said...

Sorry about Sophie...I hope she recouperates over the weekend!

I have a love / hate relationship with my fuel belt. I love that I can take all my drinking necessities with me; I HATE HATE HATE that it squishes all the flab on my stomach :X

More than you needed to know? Yeah, I thought so!

I've been resisting the fuel belt so far this season ;)

HUGS to you about the business thing. I know you have GOT to be just hang in there!

Cindy...154 said...

Hope Sophie feels better. Sorry you have to ride the rollercoaster. Keep the "lalalala" going this weekend. Kids are a good distraction I find, and movies or re-runs of your favorite sit-coms. Try comedy. It works for me. Really dumb stuff like Ben Stiller. Zoolander is one of our favorites..

Vickie said...

Walgreens DOES have a generic Zyrtec - ask the pharmacy - and they have sales on it quite frequently.

Vickie said...

can't remember - did you have eye doctor check her?

Besides the allergies - I also have migraines - so my mind goes there with the sun - my migraines present with a weird feeling in the back of my neck and that side's ear and up into that eye - might feel like ear ache/pressure to a child.

MCM Mama said...

Hope Sophie feels better quickly.

Enjoy your long run. I have one of the four bottle belts as well, with one small pocket it came with and a huge pocket I added. I need to lose some weight just to balance all the extra weight I add for running LOL.

Try to enjoy your weekend and not stress. Not much you can do about the situation, so try not to let it control how you feel. I know, easier said than done...

Sharla Rae said...

Hope your little one is feeling better soon and you get a run in too!