Friday, September 12, 2008

149.8 - Triple Whammy

Do you remember the game show "Press Your Luck" from the early 80's where the contestants chanted "no whammies! no whammies! no whammies!" I remember watching it on lazy mornings during summer vacation in middle school. I loved the little whammy guy.

Yesterday was the complete opposite of a No Whammy day. I had three of them stacked against me.

1) I am s.o.r.e. Wednesday's weight lifting class is reeking it's vengeance on my muscles. It's a can barely sit on the toilet kind of sore.

2) We had a low pressure system go through last night, and as the barometer drops, so goes my mood. (wouldn't that be a hoot of a soap opera..."As The Barometer Drops." no? okay, bad idea.) AND I'm already at my mid cycle blahs, so that just doubled the mood droppage.

3) I am still carb depleted. As I suspected, one serving of sprouted bread toast yesterday didn't cut it. I'm still low on energy. It's going to get better, soon, but yesterday I just wasn't there yet.

So with the deck, er, whammies (let's not mix metaphors here) stacked against me, I got in a wicked three miles on the treadmill yesterday.

In 51 minutes.

I don't think I've moved that slowly since before I lost 55 pounds. Not that there's anything wrong with 17 minutes miles. I'm not trying to be a speed snob here. It's just that--I've progressed beyond that pace, and even when I walk I usually keep at least a 15 min/mile pace.

But that was as much as I had in me. I didn't jog once. I did increase the incline a few times to get my heart rate up, because walking at 3.5 mph never got me above a "warm up" heart rate on the treadmill's monitor.

It's all good though. I burned some calories, hopefully worked some of the soreness out of my legs, and today is a new day.

I'm just not sure if I have it in me yet to do much more than that again today.

Food news! I am enjoying my first ever serving of Fage yogurt. Several months ago it was all the rage in our blog world. And I admit, it is quite tasty, even plain. I have the 2% version, and I mixed in half a serving of chocolate protein powder. So it's like a thick chocolate cream cheese mousse. Yummo.

I should note that the crack diet never mentions yogurt--dairy is sorely neglected, which I don't really understand or agree with--but she does allow cottage cheese once a day. I compared the nutrition info on the 2% yogurt with cottage cheese, and they are this close. The yogurt actually has more protein. So I figure it's okay to have a Fage once in a while. Couldn't have it more than that anyway at $2.79 per serving.

A ten mile run is on the training schedule for the weekend. I don't think it's going to happen. I'm going to try to do a 6.2 miler (a.k.a. 10k) that I was supposed to do last weekend, then will get back on track to do a 10, 11, and 12 on the three remaining weekends before my half marathon. It's all good.

TGIF, friends. Safe wishes to anyone reading from the Texas coast. (ha, I first typed Texas toast...guess you know where my mind is.)


Running Knitter said...

Good luck on your run this weekend!

Jill said...

Texas toast - you're funny!!!

I love the Fage yogurt, but like you said it's a little pricey. I had one with honey once and it was divine!! Yum!

Honey, you and I would be the stars of "As the Barometer Drops" - I'm the same way - and since you already read my post this morning, you know what kind of mood I'm in!! Let's meet for margaritas and a bitch session this afternoon, shall we? =)

Good luck on your runs this weekend - hopefully there will be more carbs in your future very soon.

Have a good weekend1

Anonymous said...

I was given some Fage yogurt last winter - loved it, but was it pricey. We finally got Oikos greek yogurt here (at Wal Mart) which is still pricey. So I drain plain yogurt and get something real similar. And please don't get hung up on speed - i note you are in the 140's and that's in the right direction, huh? Keep up the good work.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

You were super-sore! That you got in a walk at all is awesome, chica. It was your recovery exercise.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Oh, and I actually feel much, much healthier not eating dairy. I know I have specific issues, but if you look at other cultures, the rate of osteoporosis (which seems to be people's main dairy concern) is much lower in countries where vegetable consumption is high but dairy consumption is low to non-existent.

Pokey said...

Dang are a total trooper! I would have called in quits on the Crack diet by now, that is FO SHO!!! ;) I hope it continues to get you results.

I took 2 weeks off from my weight lifting class (Body Pump) about a month ago...then went back to class and wasnt smart enough (or was just too overconfident) to back of the weight a bit....and I, too couldnt get up from the toilet for TWO DAYS!!! I would actually hold it as long as I could just so I wouldnt have to struggle with going to the bathroom!!!!

Pathetic, I know.

Hope your buns feel better soon! :)

MCM Mama said...

Hey, at least you did it.

Do you guys have Trader Joe's near you? They have their own version of the Fage yogurt and I think it's just as good. It's also cheaper. I eat the stuff as my "dessert" with some walnuts and dried fruit most nights.

Vickie said...

I LOVE that sore feeling.

I am always telling Sabrina (free weight and sometimes yoga) that when I am really sore - I always think of calling and thanking her.

(And if I am not sore at all - I know I need to up my weights or do more reps).

And think of how depleted anorexics feel - because of their calorie depletion. If they find recovery and start eating again - it takes a LONG time to get their strong bodies back.

Cindy...154 said...

I am sore today from my File Room Workout (see my new blog) but it makes me happy I finally did something. I think you are feeling slow because of the carb depletion and adjustment in your eating. But you are AMAZING because you still exercise!!! I don't think you see how awesome that really is! I had my first day of changing my diet and it went pretty good. Not where I want to be yet but a great improvement.

Carly said...

Laura you are melting!

LMAO with the press your luck reference. I loved the whammy!

Vickie said...

Lori and I are both having mechanical breakdown threes - evidentally 'cases of the threes' are going around now.

Jilligan said...

I am proud that you have stuck with the WOE. I finish my 8 weeks on Wednesday and so far am down 32 pounds and 30 inches. Keep up the hard work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, Boy, I hope you get your energy back soon. Have you tried Trader JOe's own brand of Greek yogurt? That's what I love. I'm not sure if I started with it because it was cheaper than Fage or not...