Monday, September 29, 2008

148.6 - I'm here, but not much good for anything

My weekend was not so great. Sophie was semi-better, dizzy Saturday morning but mostly OK by the afternoon and pretty much dizzy-free on Sunday. I took her to school at 9:30 today and even though she was tentative, she stayed. I haven't heard from school yet and it's 1:30. I did tell them not to let her play outside so the sunshine didn't get to her dizzyness.

Mark had to work on a paper for his class all day Sunday, he even missed church, so I had the kids pretty much glued to me all day and night. So no run. I was exhausted anyway and not sure that I could have managed 10 miles mentally even if I'd had free time.

I also went off plan yesterday, day 25 of the crack the fat loss code diet plan. It started at lunch with one piece of pumpkin bread at Bob Evans (I had a healthy salad, too), and then pretty much spiraled out of control after that. Today I'm back to it, doing a carb down day, planning on plugging right along back on track.

I'm pretty much out of words I can use right now because of the House voting down this financial package. So, instead of saying anything else, I'll just sign off for today.

After the markets closed (while Sophie and I were at the dentist--$196 for two teeth cleanings! Eee gads, we may move to once a year visits), I had pretty much determined I was going to go to Target and buy ice cream and cookie mix and eat my way through a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. I talked with my mom on the phone, whined a lot, picked up Luke, and headed for Tar-jay.

But at the last minute instead of turning left to the store, I went straight and headed for home. It was mostly because I just didn't have it in me for a trip to the land of "Mommy can I haves?!" and not because I'd suddenly decided I wasn't going to wallow in a sugar comma.

When I got home, though, things slowed down. I left my clothes on instead of changing into loose loungy clothes like I usually do, and I realized--do I really want to NOT fit into these cute little (key word) J. Jill jeans in a week? So I nuked a sweet potato instead of eating junk. But then by the time it was done, I didn't want it either (healthy, yes; on plan for a carb down day at 6 p.m., no). I cooked a batch of crack slaw to freeze for lunches, and then ate tuna salad & broccoli slaw with a side of asparagus for dinner. I put in extra broccoli slaw with my tuna so I'd have lots to chew and chew and chew. And now I'm stuffed.

And thankful I found this tonight. Now I just have to put the "not worrying" into practice.


Vickie said...

saw this on Mal's blog and loved it:

Let the storm blow all around you. If you cannot move forward, drop your anchor and just stay pointed in the right direction.


Cindy...154 said...

Hang in there. And, Vickie's quote is really nice. I know it is a rough day for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura, Just saw the news, so had to check on you. Keep looking up. I like Vickie's quote too.

MCM Mama said...

Hang in there!

MizFit said...


thank you.

and sending you thoughts of calm.

ws said...

Can I get political? Was that a yes I heard in the distance???

While I'd really, really, really like the markets to do better, I'm not sure the government should be in the practice of bailing out big business.

Just a thought...turns out the vote was all political anyway.

Rant done...

LG said...

That's a big turnaround and I'm really proud of you. Hang in there!

Pokey said...

AWESOME did great lady!!!

Running Knitter said...

Good for you for not giving in to the craving!