Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When it rains...

We are flooded right now. With all the snow and rain of the past weeks, and then with yesterday's non-stop downpour, our city and most of the surrounding counties in 3 states are all under states of emergency because of wide spread flooding. School was closed this morning and I couldn't even get my Saturn SUV out of our neighborhood because the streets were flooded in both directions from our house.

I didn't get to run yesterday because I worked late (a lot of that happening lately) then when I left work I drove past areas that were flooded, and I knew if they were flooded our neighborhood probably was too. So I picked up the kids, stopped by a convenience store to buy milk, and got home just before the flooding was so bad I couldn't drive through it. DH got home 3 hours after I did, and by then the water was 1/4 of a way up our drive way and past everyone's mailboxes, so he parked his car in an area of the 'hood where it doesn't flood and walked through soggy yards to the house.

I stayed home with the kids today. The water was down by around 11 a.m. and didn't rain most of the day. But it's raining again now and it's entirely possible it will flood again before DH gets home from work. It's supposed to rain until late tonight.

This is getting so old. First we're sick, then it's snow, then we're sick again, then it's more snow, now it's flooding rain. I'd really like to have more than one normal week in a row.

My food has gone to hell. With no run last night I felt tense and resentful, so of course I ate what I shouldn't have. Today's been more of the same. And I was all set to take the kids to the gym this afternoon but then the freaking rain starts up again and says it ain't gonna stop any time soon.

"This is only temporary" isn't so stinking temporary lately.

(No weight to record today because I didn't get on the scale first thing this morning. I didn't feel like being any more depressed than I already am.)


Cindy164 said...

thanks so much for your notes on my blog!! We have about the same weight loss history and goals. And size. You are a bit ahead of me. It is great to read your blog. I am going to read back further when I have the chance. Flooding is scary. We are having it around here, too. But your only temporary IS only temporary, it's just that some temporaries are longer than others!

sheila said...

Hang in there girlfriend. Its supposed to be really pretty tomorrow. I'm off the rest of the week so I'm gonna try to get a run in tomorrow. My eating has been horrible the last couple of days also.

Vickie said...

I thought about you all while we were throwing papers this morning and they were talking about your flooding on the radio.

I think that you pretty much have to "think" like a single mom - because your hubby works so many hours. I had to think that way too - when my kids were little.

I also think that your running is probably what helps to keep you EVEN.

And we certainly know that gym closing, sick kids, snow/ice, and now flooding are GOING to happen. I think you need a back up plan - something that is your automatic GO TO - when these things happen.

Perhaps a pilates tape that "kicks your butt" - or some other DVD that really moves and it is a good alternative to a run - or perhaps crazy old Richard and his dancing to the oldies that you can do with the kids.

Jill said...

Oh Girl I am so sorry! I feel your pain, I really do. We have a pond just a few feet off the patio of our house and the water was getting uncomfortably close to the house! It finally stopped raining and the water went down, so that's good, but then the girls and I all woke up with colds yesterday - AAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I'm so sick of the cold/rain/illness, too but look on the bright side - today is the first day of Spring, so it's GOT to get better!! Hang in there sistah, four months from now we will all be bitching because it's too hot and dry!! =)

Jess said...

That flooding is crazy! Hopefully is runs off soon and you can resume your regular schedule.

Lori said...

Laura, I hope the weather picks up soon. I'm glad your house isn't being flooded.

It will be over. Everything I suppose is temporary in a way.

Do you have Fit TV channel on your system?

The good news (to me) is that you're pretty po'd about all of this and see what's going on so it's a matter of time of just getting out there and resuming what you want to do. It's not like you're at home and saying you're never going to go out and run. It's kind of the opposite. You're saying, "Dammit, I want to run and I'm PO'D to the nth degree!" You're not giving up and I'm proud of you for that attitude.

RunnerGirl said...

We're dealing with the flooding as well. Hang in there, nice weather has to be just around the corner!