Friday, March 21, 2008

154.2 - Spring (give me a) Break

This is my last post until we get back from Spring break next Friday.

There's something about the sunshine and warmer temps and the vernal equinox that has me all a-twitter. It's spring, and I am so extraordinarily ready for new life.

This being Good Friday and Easter weekend, I'm also thinking about suffering, atonement, and rebirth. I will spare you any preachy deep thoughts, but I am conscious that suffering brings about new appreciation for the good stuff. And I will be so grateful for the blessings of good health and calmer times that I hope are on the horizon.

Of course, it could continue to be a rough year, and suffering may be on the menu for a while. Life happens, and I'm learning that I need to put some safety valves in place so I can function on an even keel when things get topsy turvy.

But for now, the kids are healthy, I'm healthy, DH is healthy, the weather is gorgeous, and we are going to have some family time in just a few days. We're leaving after Easter service for Indianapolis, where a comfortable hotel, the zoo and a top-notch children's museum await.

Today I am clearing up some last minute stuff at work and then I've got errands to run and some running to do. I don't have a plan for how far I'll run today, but whatever it is will be a satisfying relief from my recent inactivity.

I hope you and yours have a blessed Easter. He is risen!

P.S. Last night DH performed in our Maundy Thursday service. The church did a "Living Last Supper" cantata, where 12 men were the disciples with speaking parts, and 1 man played Jesus but didn't have a speaking role, with awesome choir and orchestra performances in between the acting. They were arranged around a table in the same poses as da Vinci's "The Last Supper." Mark was Simon Peter. I felt like dressing up, and I decided to take some pictures using the self-timer on my camera, since I haven't posted a progress pic in a while. I'm pretty pleased with the front side, but the back side still needs some work. But that's okay; it's much better than I looked last year at this time, and next year will be even better.

DH as Peter. He grew a beard just for the part.


Lori said...

My gosh, Laura, you're a pixie! You are so cute and beautiful and svelte. You look fabulous. Enjoy this year and next year will take care of itself.

Have a wonderful Easter with the kids, the zoo and enjoy yourself.

BTW, the hubby is cute too. He'd better keep on his toes with you! :-)

Jess said...

You look great. From all sides.

Enjoy your holiday!

Shauna said...

You are beautiful :) Happy Easter Laura! Enjoy your break!

Heather said...

Happy easter!! you look fabulous!

Carly said...

Happy Easter! Laura, you look fantastic!

I hope you are out of the flooding.

Grumpy Chair said...

Laura you look super fantastic, marvelous darling!

I just got caught up with your posts - so . . . congrats on the 9 miler (wow!) and the fast 7K.

Sorry about the weather (I have know idea what is going on in the world right now).

And most of all enjoy your Easter Sunday and have a safe, fun, restful vacation.

Marcy said...


Vickie said...

Your pix are darling - you look great. Son is going to out of state school that is about
2 1/2 - 3 hours drive with VERY good weather and traffic. Can turn into 4-5 hours if bad conditions. No cars on campus for freshman - but we think there are lots of kids there (from here) for rides. If not - I'll hit the gym.

The very close school will still be an option if he gets to the end his freshman year and doesn't like it - they will still take him.

The other school (2 hours) is (probably) out - once he said no - there will not be a space for him.

Have a wonderful time in INDY. Chicago is VERY fun too - for another year.

P.O.M. said...

You look GREAT!

I'm with you on the Spring thing. I'm ready for a new start!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

You look great!! Hope you are having a fantastic break!