Wednesday, March 12, 2008

151.8 - "All you need to run is a good pair of shoes"

Whoever said the above quote obviously is not a woman who runs alone in 45 degree weather.

Last night* for my run, it took me just about as long to suit up as it did to run 3.34 miles (avg. pace 10:39). The amount of gear it took to get my behind out the door is astounding. Let's start from the bottom and work our way up, shall we?

1. Brooks running shoes
2. Cushioned Adidas pink & white running socks
3. Thong undies (these were on already but I didn't want y'all to think I run commando)
4. Champion running pants
5. Water bottle belt (first time to run with this thing; I'm thinking I will need it for my long outdoor training runs so I tested it out tonight)
6. Water bottle & water
7. Enell bra
8. Verizon cell phone
9. Champion sports bra (over the Enell, to keep my phone in place. I tuck my phone inside my 2 layers of bras to keep it from getting all sweaty. I ruined a cell phone last summer because I ran with it directly under my bra against my skin. Thankfully the cell phone guy said only one of the two dots in the phone was red (whatever that meant) so I got a new phone for free. Bought a phone skin and now I wear it between two bras. Boy, that was lengthy. Sorry 'bout that)
10. iPod shuffle (clipped to my top layer bra); Dave Matthews Band & Pearl Jam on the playlist tonight
11. Champion long sleeved tech shirt
12. Champion long sleeved fleece shirt (this came off after mile 1)
13. Safety reflector vest
14. Head band/ear warmer thingy (does this have an official name?)
15. Safety red-blinky-light clipped to the back of my headband thingy (Vicky, aren't you proud of me for getting all Safety Girl on my night run?)
16. Garmin on my left wrist
17. Runner ID on my right wrist

I mean, damn. Think of all the man/woman hours of thought and creativity and sweat and work that went into developing and making and marketing and shipping and selling all this stuff. I am humbled simply thinking of it all. And thankful, because clearly a girl needs a hellofa lot more than shoes to get in a good run.

*I didn't get to run at 4 p.m. as per my plan because of a work emergency. Got the emergency taken care of, picked up kids, ran a couple of errands related to said work emergency, got home, fed kids (McDonald's; someone nominate me for Mom of the Year, 'kay?), cleaned kitchen, got the boy a bath, got the girl ready for bed, read book to daughter while DH read to son, kissed kids goodnight, and I decided I was way too tightly wound to just STOP for the night. I ran that run for the simple fact of unwinding my mind and body. It wasn't fast, it wasn't pretty, but man it felt good during and after. The night was beautiful. Orion in the heavens next to a crescent moon. Clean, fresh cool air. A safe neighborhood. And a healthy body to move me. It doesn't get any better than that.


Grumpy Chair said...

I will be right there with you for mom of the year! Grumpette doesn't eat much, but at least I know she gets fed with McDs.

That was a loooong list of running gear.

After reading it I said "shint, that's a loooong list of running gear!"

Jill said...

Wow girl - you go!!

I think head band/ear warmer thingy IS the official least according to me!

Jess said...

That's a lot of stuff!

And what's wrong with commando? That's how I go!

ws said...

I go commando, too.

And I'm always looking for Orion's belt when I'm out in the dark - not sure why but I like how in a universe of stars those three are perfectly in a line.

Carly said...

Nice Job! That is how I feel on my runs. I am longing for short sleeve running weather....enough of the layers.

Carly said...

Nice Job! That is how I feel on my runs. I am longing for short sleeve running weather....enough of the layers.

Carly said...

Nice Job! That is how I feel on my runs. I am longing for short sleeve running weather....enough of the layers.

Marcy said...

Are the Champion shirts any good? I usually do the tights and shorts but I've never tried a shirt.

LOL don't even worry about being the "Mom Of The Year" I think I'm about the "Mom of the Decade" YIKES!

RunnerGirl said...

What did you think about the fuel belt? Mine absolutely drives me crazy and I hardly every wear it!

Vickie said...

safety is GOOD - light and phone - good job!!!

sheila said...

I got a good laugh when I read your list. It is so true, the amount of stuff we have to get on to go for a run. And if you add it up, it takes me about 500 bucks
worth of stuff to get in a run. And oh my god, my van looks like a locker room, one bag with running clothes (cold weather), one bag of reg. clothes incase I have to stay in town after a run, shoes water bottles, etc. I have to clean out the van just to get groceries on the weekend.

Are you ready for Sat. Looks like rain. Fun, fun.

Pokey said...

Awesome Laura! You dont sound like a big glob of goo to me woman! :)

You got me thinking on the thong undies.....are they comfortable to run in? This is totally TMI, but undies are one of the biggest running-attire challenges I face. I just cant find a good pair!

You might have to make another post and discuss the benefits of a thong for those inquiring minds that want to know! LOL :)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Looks like you are doing great!!