Tuesday, March 04, 2008

153.2 - 60 days and counting

I received an email today from the "Indianapolis 500 Festival" folks. It starts:

We are only 60 days away from the start of the nation’s largest half marathon. Are you ready?

I can't believe it is that close. My training has been spotty at best the past 8 weeks, but last week was a really good one mile-wise (18.35 for the week), and the next 60 days will be to. Although I'm not starting this week off so great.

Sophie was sick yesterday--nothing terrible, but she felt bad enough with a headache, low grade fever and tummy ache that the school called me to come pick her up. So that meant no gym for me yesterday afternoon. Today she's with me at the office again, but her fever has remained low and I think she'll be fine to go to the gym's day care after work. I'm hoping to run a solid 4 or 5 miles, just depends on how I'm feeling this afternoon.

Food has been spotty. I'm definitely in the "I need more serotonin" mode, and therefore eating way too many carbs. We had two gorgeous days over the weekend and I started to feel better with the sunshine and of course with the race on Saturday. But it's back to being dreary, rainy, and cold, and I'm PMSing. Basically it's a perfect storm for carb cravings.

In other random TV news... I watched the season finale of The Terminator last night. Have you guys been watching this? I was okay with the way it ended. (I thought the music for the FBI raid was completely out of place for the rest of the series, but that's a minor criticism, I suppose.) I hope it got decent ratings and they bring it back for a 2nd season. DH thinks Sarah Connor is too relaxed and smiles too much. He's probably right, but I still like her. Tonight is the premier of the 2nd season of Dirt. It's my guilty pleasure, and I can't wait to see what kinky, sleazy stuff they come up with this year. Oh, and American Idol starts again tonight with the top 16 this week. Boy, for someone who doesn't watch much TV, I've sure got a lot of shows on my list. And I'm also watching The Wire (season 3) on DVD.


Tigerlilly said...

Good grief chica... the day I run 18 miles will be the day before I die of a heart attack!! LOL

60 days to train for a marathon? You've got it in the bag! I have a little under 60 days until my 30th birthday.. .and I would really like to be running 3 miles straight without stopping by then... I think we could both be winners if we stay focused!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

You can do it!! 60 days is lots of time.

I'm a House fan. And CSI :D

Jill said...

I posted a while ago but it never showed up! =( Anyway, I have no doubt that you will be totally ready for your 1/2 marathon. You are doing so great - run a mile for me will ya?! =)

Grumpy Chair said...

One thing that has always amazed me about you and your running is how incredibly fast you are and how quickly you picked it up with your endurance. So you will do great in 60 days!

Last year the boy (Fang Jr.) had a 3 day bug that started right after school started, he was never sick again. But this year he has missed so many days due to the misdiagnosis of his "chicken pox". ( When he was in 2nd grade, he was always ill - flu, throwing up bugs, strep throat, ear infections with fever, the school eventually sent me a nasty letter - but we had doc notices.) I'm hoping that this is just Sophie's feeling bad/low immunity year and that next school year will be almost absent free.

Grumpy Chair said...

P.S. - After "Dirt"'s season is over with "Rescue Me" comes on - so so good if you haven't ever seen it - start renting the DVDs. I love Denis Leary (though he is mean about overweight ladies).

I like Dirt too - I always thought Courtney Cox was funny on "Friends" but she was always overshadowed by Phoebe, Chandler and Joey.

Jess said...

60 days is plenty of time to pull the training together for a half. You'll do awesome, don't worry!

sheila said...

I think you'll be ready in 60 days also. What did you think about the newsletter stating that no headphones allowed including ipods. It's gonna be hard to run 13.1 with no music. I run some of my training runs with a friend with no music, but when I'm by myself I listen to music. Do you?
Sorry to hear Sophia is sick. Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Marcy said...

You are soooooooo going to be ready!! And you're going to do awesome! ;D ;D

Oooooo I *heart* The Wire. This Sunday is the series finale *sniff* *sniff*

Lori said...

You can do it! Gosh, you have incredible endurance and stamina. Sixty days! Of course, you can do it.

I hope Sophie is feeling better soon. Beautiful spring days are going to be happening soon.