Tuesday, March 18, 2008

153.0 - Feeling Fat / Anniversary

I feel so fat today. My jeans feel tight, I've got a muffin top under my knit shirt, and I just feel off. I hate days like this.

It doesn't help that I'm mid-cycle and that's typically when I have awful hormone swings and am a total beotch. And it's raining like mad and isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon.

Ugh. I'll just have to repeat one of my favorite mantras: "This is only temporary."

On a brighter note, today is my 13 year wedding anniversary. (Click here to read how I got to wear my wedding dress twice; note that I had planned on being at goal by now when I wrote that post. Oh well.) DH and I are going to lunch at Biaggi's (yummy Italian place), and we exchanged cards this morning at work. He gave me (us) three movies--Enchanted, Atonement, and I Am Legend (this is the only one I've already seen). I can't wait to see the other two.

This afternoon I'm planning on running at the gym. How many miles depends on how early I get there. I'd like to do 5, but I have to allow myself at least an hour and that means I have to leave work before 4 p.m. I'm gonna try, because I really need a good run today.


Jill said...


And thanks for reminding me that I promised my 7 yo that we would rent Enchanted today!!

The camera is currently at Lake Fork with my husband & son this week. When they get back I'll be able to post some pics!! I can't wait to play with it!! =)

Jess said...

Happy anniversary!!

Ready Maid said...

What a great story about your wedding dress and the cute yellow house! Happy anniversary to both of you.


RunnerGirl said...

Happy Anniversary!

sheila said...

Happy Anniversay. Hope you got your run in.

miss petite america said...

happy anniversary!!

and i hate that time of the month too. the worst thing about being a woman

daisyk said...

One more happy anniversary AND congrats on your run. You may be feeling all storm-tossed with hormones but it also sounds like a totally rockin' start of the week!

Did you love Enchanted??

ElleTeeJay said...

Happy anniversary! I know how tough it is to be in that funk. Shake it off, girl...time to get your groove back!