Thursday, March 13, 2008

150.6 - Planned 9 Miler, Q and A

Yesterday was so beautiful that after work we took the kids to the park to feed the ducks. Everyone else in town had the same idea, apparently, because the ducks turned up their bills at the kids' offerings of stale bread. Luckily we also brought saltines, and the ducks ate up the crackers. Picky little critters.

I didn't get a run in yesterday, again because of a work emergency in the late afternoon that carried over through 5 p.m. (stinking clients, ha). I was pretty tired last night after the kids went down, so I just watched American Idol and went to sleep.

The no-eating-at-night thing has been a success for 5 nights in a row (yes, I'm tracking it on my Weight & Exercise spreadsheet). So 16 more nights and it should be a new habit. I've had almost a full week of solidly decent food days--higher protein, veggies, good fats, lower carb intake--with no off-the-wagon binges, and the water weight I was carrying around is gone and my clothes are fitting better. It is bizarre that as little as a 4 pound weight gain can make my pants feel tight, and now that the extra pounds are gone they feel looser.

I am psyching myself up for a long run today. I talked with DH about leaving work at 3 p.m. to get in a 9 mile run, and he said it should be okay. I bought some Body Glide yesterday for my feet and under my arms and bra (anywhere else I need to put this stuff? I guess I'll find out the hard way, but I'd love any input you all can share).

I think it's going to be in the upper 60s this afternoon, so I will get to run in short sleeves and shorts (my legs are white white white, so I hope I don't blind any drivers with the glare). It should be a good time for a run. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't rain and nothing comes up to keep me from it. Should take me around 2 hours, because I'm figuring 11 minute miles and I'll be running around the city and will have to pause at traffic lights a few times.

Answers to some questions from yesterday's post:

Jess: What's wrong with commando? Um, nothin', I just didn't even think about that being an option. Does it take out the underwear/friction issue with long distances? There's so much I still need to learn about running. =) (I realize this question was facetious, but I thought I had to clarify why I clarified my undie wearing yesterday; I'm such a geek.)

Marcy: Are the Champion shirts any good? Yes. I buy as much as I can at Target (I think you do to, yes?), because it's cheap. The long sleeved tech shirts I got last winter are really nice and keep me warm. I don't sweat a ton, so they do a good job of wicking away what I do manage to leak out of my pores. The sleeveless shirts I got last summer were great; worn out now with stains and a couple of snags, so I'm anxiously awaiting Target's summer shipment of running clothes.

RunnerGirl: What did you think about the fuel belt? Mine is a one-bottle belt, and I had a hard time at first with it. I ended up tucking my shirt under it and had to fool with the tightness/looseness for a while until I got it right. It didn't bounce around once I got it tight enough. I put the bottle in the middle of my backside while I ran. I'm sure I looked completely dorky, though, which didn't matter on my night run but this afternoon on my 9 miler, I'm just going to pretend I'm invisible and not give a flying fig what I look like.

Sheila: Are you ready for Saturday? (referring to Evansville's 7k St Paddy's Day run) Um, no. If it rains, I may bail. I went to the running store yesterday to check out hooded waterproof jackets, and they were $160! No way am I paying that, and I don't know if I'm willing to run in the cold rain without the proper gear. We'll see. Are you running it regardless of the weather? I'm sure you will. You've been doing this running gig longer than I have. =)

Pokey: You got me thinking on the thong undies.....are they comfortable to run in? Warning: TMI.... I wear cheapy lace thongs that are probably a size too big for me, so I barely notice they are on. The only time they've ever bothered me is during a group exercise class (pilates or yoga, mostly) when I've been bending or stretching and they get pulled out of place. So, yep, they're okay. But with shorts weather coming back I may start running like Jess and Wendy and go commando with just my compression shorts (I also wear a pair of cotton shorts over these, because they cover up my saddle bags nicely).

I guess that's it for today. Any of you still in the snow, take heart. Spring is this close.


Jill said...

You sound like you are totally in the groove!

Thongs: never could get my brain around those (or my buns!)

Good luck with the 9 miler!

Grumpy Chair said...

I always admired women who wore thongs; TMI time: when I first lost the weight, I wore them under my clothes to just do housework in - like mop, sweeping and dusting. Sort of made housework more sexy!

Jill said...

woowoo Alicia!! Sexy-thang you!!

Marcy said...

Yes, yes, yes! I do them me some Target c9. For some reason I don't have any tops though. I did find a running jacket that is wind/rain proof for $8 on clearance. Can you believe that? It was regularly like $40 or something. Another reason why I *heart* Target, they have awesome clearance deals once the seasons switch over. I'll have to try a top though, thanks chica!

Marcy said...

Sorry I meant "like" instead of "them" Gosh where is my head? LOL

Heather said...

great job! and thanks so much for the advice...always welcome since I have no idea what to expect as I approach maintenance.

sheila said...

OH PlEASE do the race Sat. It is one of the best ones of the year, it is so upbeat and the stuff they have going on afterwards is great. And besides you might win the 1000 dollars. Think of all the running stuff you can buy with that. I'm just gonna wear a hat and a longsleeve shirt if its raining when I get up and hope for the best. I'll take a change of clothes to change into. Don't forget a large garbage bag, thats what everyone will have on while they are waiting to go if its raining and cold. When you get going you just pull it off throw it down and go. Hope you got your long run done today it was beautiful out.

Tigerlilly said...

LOL at the whole undy talk! I never thought I would know TOO much about you!! (and now grumpy chair too, hehehehehe)

TMI: I went commando until I had to potty train my girls .. they looked at me like I was crazy when I told them they had to wear panties. So now I wear Tinker Bell and SpongeBob panties.. and the girls do too!!

Good luck on the 9 miler today.. I heard that putting that stuff on your thighs is a good idea too...but thats just what I heard.