Friday, March 14, 2008

151.2 - Nine and a Whine

Let me first start with the good news. I got in my 9 mile run yesterday.

I ran 9 miles.

I'll just savor that for a moment.

And I should also say that I didn't get a blister, chafe anywhere, or experience any aches, pains, or injuries. Or get hit by a big truck. I'm also just a little sore in the quads today, but it's a good sore. These are things I am thankful for.

Now the bad news. There's quite a bit (nothing catastrophic, mind you, just typical crap), and yes I'd like a little cheese with my whine.

First, I noticed somewhere after I'd been running for 47ish minutes that Garmin was still at 2.34 miles and only 35 minutes on the timer. I had been watching my speed and not paying any attention to the miles or minutes. So somehow I either bumped the start/stop button or Garmin didn't restart automatically after I stopped for traffic at 2.34 miles (I have it set so it stops when I stop, which is quite helpful with city running and for taking water/rest breaks). Either way, I lost a mile of data. I figured since I'd lost 12 minutes that it was about a mile, and sure enough when I mapped my run online last night it was right around .95ish miles difference, so I'm calling it a mile to make things simple.

Second, it was a crap run. I don't know why, I just wasn't feeling it the entire run. I took quite a few walk breaks and my average pace was 11:34, slower than I'd planned but truly, I didn't care about speed, other than being fast enough that I could finish by 5 p.m. to pick up the kiddos. I think maybe around mile 8 for about half a mile I was finally feeling a runner's high and my body was moving effortlessly and running between 10s and 10:30s, even with a stiff wind against me. But then I hit a traffic light and had to stop and the groove was gone. BTW, I ran about 4.5 miles in traffic areas; the other 4.5 I ran in the park where there's a ~1 mile loop.

Third, after I was done I felt really queasy. I thought maybe I'd just run too hard or was hungry or thirsty. I picked up the kids, then went for some drive thru. Chicken salad on a wheat wrap with a Real Coke to settle my stomach (okay, the chicken salad probably wasn't the best choice, but it was close and I really like that sandwich). It didn't help. I don't know if I've picked up a stomach bug or what, but my stomach was crampy all night, like I needed to throw up or go to the bathroom, but neither one was happening. I popped Pepto and drank water all night but never really felt better. This morning my stomach still felt off, but still no outward signs (if you know what I mean) that I've got a stomach bug.

Fourth, both the kids have some kind of virus again. Thankfully it's only making them mildly miserable and, so far, no significant fever. Luke's had yellow snot running out of his nose for two days straight--it's so gross and annoying, the poor baby. And tonight he was warm when we got home and sure enough his temp was 99ish; and now he has a cough, too. Sophie felt bad at school all day, and even though she told the teachers a couple times she didn't feel well, I guess she didn't push it and wasn't sick enough to go to the nurse. She just felt crummy with a cough and runny nose. She had a low grade temp tonight, too. Thank God for ibuprofen. I am keeping my fingers, toes, legs, and eyes crossed that this is as bad as it gets for them. I am so done with the sick crud. Done done done.

I guess that's enough complaining for now. Sorry to be such a downer.

On a happier note, DH and I are going to dinner with friends at a piano bar tonight. Mom is keeping the kids overnight (see, nobody can get sick, we have plans). Then Saturday morning I've signed up for Evansville's 7k St Paddy's Day run. It's supposed to rain (again, more crap to complain about) and I was planning to bail but Sheila (who lives nearby in Kentucky and runs this race every year and says it's the best race ever) is twisting my arm and making me go. =) I'm such a pushover. Please, none of you try to make me do something illegal, 'cause I'd probably do it for all y'all.

And finally in other random news, we are not going to Florida for Spring break. Talked to too many folks who say the Panhandle is too unpredictable this early in the season, and we aren't (read: I'm not) willing to drive 16 hours to South FL where it's warmer. So, we're going to Indianapolis for 4 nights instead. We'll stay at a comfy hotel and go to the Children's Museum and Zoo, and swim in the hotel's pool. And it's only a 4 hour drive. Oh, and I've cancelled Sophie's EEG on Good Friday because it's just too much to deal with before spring break. We're leaving on Easter Sunday after church. Next week: I'll bitch about packing.

Okay, now leave my crappy attitude here with me and you guys go have a super duper lovely weekend.


Jill said...

Have fun at the piano bar tonight! That sounds like a blast. And even though it is a St Paddy's day run, you probably shouldn't be hungover when you run it, so go easy on the drinky drinks tonight! =)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Great pic! Thanks so much for your kind words!!

You rock for the 9 miler and no chafing or problems. That is awesome. I hope your stomach is on the mend.

Marcy said...

YAY on the 9 miler!! WHOO HOOOOOO!! Did you drink Gatorade or have anything high in sugar before/during your run? If I drink Gatorade while I go out for my long runs I get the WORST cramps afterwards (from all the sugars). I hope that maybe that was it and not that you're getting sick :-(

sheila said...

So glad you got your 9 miler in. And I loved the course this morning for the 7k although not near as much going on this year, maybe they didn't have as many volunteers because of the rain. And where the heck was our finishers metal. Damn, I wanted to feel like a winner when I came across the finish line. Oh well, hope you had a good run this morning.


Tigerlilly said...

Ohhhhh I know how your feeling. My girls are finally getting better and now my hubby is sick as a dog. I am downing OJ and vitamins as fast as I can!!

Congrats on running 9 miles! Sorry it wasn't a good run though.. but hey, be proud that you finished it anyway!!

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