Friday, March 07, 2008

152.8 - Snow Day / Jack Sprat post

We are in the sight lines of a major winter storm, that is supposed to dump 5-6" on us by tomorrow morning. They called off school today because of the prediction, not because of any snow build up this morning. As usual, the original prediction that we'd have all the snow by this afternoon is wrong and the kids should have gone to school. We've gotten 1/2" so far and the roads are totally clear. But, all they have to go on is what the weather men are saying, so I don't blame the school corp. ANYWAY, Sophie's home from school. And Luke is home too because he has croup.

I had to pick him up from day care yesterday at 1:30 p.m. because his sitter called and said he had 102* fever. I took him to the doctor and he diagnosed him with croup. He slept well last night (thank goodness for Motrin and cough syrup and vaporizers) and was happy and fine this morning, so we're on the downhill for his illness, I think.

I was a wreck this morning. I think it's PMS since I'm getting ready to start and it feels hormonal. Just couldn't cope with the kids and I got back in bed after DH left for work and let the kids fend for themselves. Thankfully they were good and played dress up and with the dog. I rested/slept a little until 10:30. My mom came down around noon (she works half days on Friday's and always comes down to keep my kids), so I got to come into the office and do some much needed work and regain a little of my sanity.

Since I had a sick boy yesterday, I didn't get to run. Which really honked me off because I NEEDED TO RUN yesterday. Today, come hell or high water, I'm getting to the gym and running at least 4 miles. Tomorrow I have to get in my 9 miler to stay on track for my half marathon training. That will be my longest run to date, if I can get it in. I'm going to do my damndest to make it happen, even if it means taking the kids and putting them in Kids Club for 2 hours.

Mommy needs to run so she doesn't go nuts.

I registered for a St. Paddy's Day run next Saturday, 3/15. It's a 7K, which is a longer race than I've run before but only 4.2 miles. It's a flat course and I would LOVE to run it in 42 minutes. That's gonna push me really hard, but that's what races are for, right? I only hope the weather cooperates and we don't get rain. If it rains, I'm scrapping any kind of time goal and just gonna make it a goal to show up and finish.

I read this post yesterday on Jack Sprat's blog. It's simply brilliant, and yesterday when I was freaking out about missing my run and having yet another sick kid and yet another winter storm on the way, and having major PMS issues on top of all that, I kept thinking about how much ice cream it would take to make me feel better. And when the answer was gallons, I passed up buying anything bad for me at the grocery store as I was shopping for weekend provisions after Luke's doctors appointment. I'll be using Jonathon's strategy a lot from now on. He has a lot of great things to say about maintenance and weight loss. You should check him out if you're not a regular reader of his blog.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. Don't forget to change your clocks--Spring Forward. (I hate springing forward. I have jet lag for at least a week. I wish they'd just leave our clocks alone already.)


Jill said...

Laura - firstly, thanks for the comment on my latest post. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the one over-reacting!

Secondly,sorry to hear about the sick boy. Hope he feels better!
I hope you feel better too - I know that cooped-up cagey feeling and I hate it! You have my sympathies on the PMS! =)
Hang in there sistah!

RunnerGirl said...

We didn't get lucky enough to miss out on the snow here. Enjoy your weekend, hope everyone is feeling better!

Pokey said...

Oh Laura - I'm so sorry your kiddos are sick! I totally know how youre feeling....but hang in there!

Thanks for the link to the great blog!

Grumpy Chair said...

Regarding the croup: our doctor (when we lived in Tulsa) recommended putting child in smallest bathroom with shower running to steam up the room for 10 minutes or so, then immediatly (wrap child up in warm clothes) take outside in very cold weather for a same amount of time. She swore by this and it helped the kids sleep better at night.

I love Jonathan's posts, and am glad you mentioned it, so I could bookmark it.

Hope you get a good run this weekend. And thank you so much for the tip on carbs. I do eat a lot of whole grains - high fiber bread and cereal - so I'm going to cut those out this weekend and Monday to see if that helps any.

Stay warm.

Vickie said...

It is TONE - my exercise is literally tightening the muscles which pulls the foot bones back into alignment. Yes, the first shoe size drops were probably more wieght loss. But my weight has been steady for over a year now. and my size has still been dropping. Shoe guy said that he fully expects me to go all the way back down to 7 1/2. I was in a 9 or 9 1/2 at my highest.

Colleen at age 35 (or so) and 120 lbs and a size 4 - really toned and muscular - had her shoe size drop too - and that is after 4 kids.

Vickie said...

Husband discovered this morning - Whole Wheat Pancake mix - can substitute applesauce for oil and it works just fine.

when I first moved everyone from traditional pancake mixes - did half and half between regular and whole wheat - by the time that was made/used up - everyone was switched.