Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday post

I did something today that I've never done before--got up at 6:30 a.m. and ran! I had planted the seed of a morning run the night before, and when I woke up at 6:15ish, I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. The thought kept itching my brain... get up and run... get up and run...get up and RUN. So I did.

And it was cold, but great. The first mile I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was dressed okay--warm hat & gloves, long pants & shirt, & Climalite jacket--but my eyes kept watering from the cold. And my butt was cold--I have no idea why, there's way too much fat back there for it to get cold. You'd think it would be self insulating. hahahaha.

By mile 2 I had unzipped my jacket, and at the start of mile 3 I'd taken it off and tied it around my waist. I got to see a gorgeous crescent moon and stars at the start, and the sky change colors as the sun began to rise as I got back home. I finished in 33:36.

I'm planning on doing this again Sunday morning, with 5 miles. My 7 mile plan kinda went out the window when I realized how much stuff we have going on this weekend and I would have to run in the morning if I was going to run at all, so I decided to split it between the two weekend days. Which actually is better probably, because usually I do no running at all on the weekends. Hopefully this activity will keep my eating on track, too.
Last night we took Sophie to a church activity--a nature walk through a local nature preserve at night. (Luke stayed at the church with babysitters.) By the time we did the last part of the walk, it was completely dark. I was so not into walking through the woods--even with a guide and my husband and about 20 other people--in the dark. Way too Blair Witch for me. I am such a wimp.

But then we got to have a camp fire, roast hot dogs, and have S'mores!!! My all time favorite Fall activities in the whole world. Nothing better than roastin' a dog over an open flame. Sophie cooked my hot dog and it was half way cold, but the best ever because she made it for me. I also had a S'more and 2 more marshmallows. It was a lot of junk, but totally fabulous. And I had run 2.8 miles that afternoon (not enough time for the 3.5 I had planned, but 2.8 was better than nothing), so I figured what the heck? I'm living my life, not living a diet.

I hope everyone who's reading today has a lovely Saturday.

Mark & Sophie at the camp fire. (I was not popular after snapping a flash picture in the dark. But isn't that what mom's are for? =)


Jess said...

Good job on getting up early and getting your run done and over with! P.S. When I run in the cold, my butt is always cold too at first -- must stick out too far!

Grumpy Chair said...

I was so motivated by your post this morning, that after reading it, I asked Fang to go on a 30 minute walk around the block (the block is 1/2 mile long). We did 2 miles.

It was nice not having to rush for a baseball game and soccer game, though we still have a soccer game, but it is at 1:30.

Have a great day!

P.S. Sophie is too cute. I love age 6, when all the little baby teeth start falling out.

Marcy said...

I DO NOT blame you with the dark and the woods. That stuff is CREEPY!! Who knows what lurks in those trees LOL

Pokey said...

WOWZA! Congrats on getting up and out!

Sounds like a great run - good for you!!!

And congrats on the weight loss too! Awesome!

Scale Junkie said...

WOW!! What an inspirational post!

Lori said...

Sophie is so cute! What a sweetie! You're very inspirational and very affirming in your quest to live life healthy with the emphasis on LIVING life.

Long may you run!

Vickie said...

Are you running in street or on sidewalks?

If you are on the street - in dark - you must have LIGHTS - front and back. Reflective doesn't do it - it helps - but needs lights too. Reflective only works when the headlights swing around to find you - and sometimes - by that time it is "too late".

We have one runner with a "miners" hat - strong light in front to help her see and be seen and then a blinking one in back. I have also seen vests with lights that make a large X - front and back.

If you are on a path or sidewalk - not so much of an issue - but if you are on streets - this is a MUST.

Every time I read an article in the paper about someone locally killed while out running or biking (pre-dawn) the family always says - they were so careful and wore light clothing. And if you ask the paper people on that route - they will tell you that person was invisible and had been in real danger for years running/biking.

Light clothing does very little, reflective clothing does very little.

strong lights - front and back - are the ONLY way to be seen.

Vickie said...

You know how people that don't know each other - keep mentioning the same thing to you - like a sign that repeats over and over - everywhere you go?

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

I lady finally brought in several pages for me (from her ENT). I am going back into mine - with the informational sheets. I thought of Sophie and wondered if this might help her too.