Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 266 -151.8

Since a few of you mentioned it yesterday, here's the scoop on the percentiles--

Luke is in the 90th percentile for his weight and 75th percentile for his height. Out of all 2 year olds, he weighs the same or more than 90% of them and he's the same height or taller than 75% of them. Conversely, 10% of 2 year olds weigh more than he and 25% of 2 year olds are taller than he. There endeth the percentile lesson. =)

Basically he's growing like he's supposed to and his growth has progressed normally during his 2 years of life. And he can beat up 3/4 of his fellow 2 year olds. Ha.

So I made it to the gym for a treadmill workout after his doctor's appointment. Barely. I did not want to in the worst way. It's been raining for a couple of days, and like many of you I get messed up without sunshine (gonna have to start sitting under my S.A.D. light again). And that means I'm highly unmotivated and want to go home and park the kids in front of the TV and put my nose in a book.

But I thought of all of you, and what I'd have to say tomorrow (today) on this blog, and how whiny it would sound that I skipped a run because I didn't feel like it. Now, I know, it's totally cool to do this once in a while. Sometimes, not feeling like it is a good thing--the body needs the rest (even Wendy, who took her one rest day this month yesterday).

I, however, was not in need of physical rest, since I'd only logged 1.6 miles this week prior to yesterday. What I needed was a kick in the pants, which I gave to myself in the form of a four mile run on the treadmill. I varied it a TON to keep things interesting--easy running, hard running (a couple of 90 seconds intervals at 8:57 min/mile--lung chucking for me, man), hill running, hill walking, easy walking, moderate running, etc. and so on. My iPod died at mile 3, so the last mile is when I hit it fast and hard just to get it over with.

And afterwards I felt so much better having put in my time and some more miles this week. Honestly, if I weren't running for a reason and didn't have you guys to report to, I don't think I'd have made it at all.

No weights work--those 4 miles were all I had in me. That, and giving the kids each a bath and folding a load of the kids' laundry (when the clothes are small, there's twice as many per load and it takes twice as long to fold as it does adult clothes. Have I mentioned how much I hate doing laundry?) and running the dishwasher and putting Sophie to bed. (Luke, bless him, gets lovingly placed in his crib with his music, his pacifier, and his precious blankie, and we close the door and he goes to sleep on his own. My 6 year old still requires that I lay down with her.... what can I say? She is and always will be my Princess.)

Thanksgiving is one week away. We are going to Indianapolis to celebrate with my husband's family. We're staying in a hotel for 4 nights (driving up Wednesday, coming home Sunday). There is so much to do before we leave (more laundry, darn it), and I need to start this weekend. Thankfully we can drive since it's only 4 hours away, because the amount of crap it takes for a family of four to survive 5 days away from home is insane.


Jill said...

If you don't mind my asking, what is the reason you are running? I need some reasons to run and to keep running, other than the obvious "I want to lose weight". What else do you get out of running? Great blog by the way, I lurk almost daily!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hey 151, how you doin??? Good for you!!

I know what you mean about the crap required for a trip. Holidays are supposed to be fun and relaxing but anymore, they seem to be a giant fiasco. I hope you can find the fun in it and relax some how. :D

Hey Jill, run because you can, run to brag about how far you went, run to blog your successes, run to feel strong and crazy - like when you run in a downpour and people think, "man, that lady is nuts.." I love those looks.

Laura N said...

Hi Jill, thanks for delurking and for the compliment. My primary reason for running on a day like yesterday is that I have a goal to reach--a half marathon next year. Frankly, running (or any activity) just because I want to lose weight isn't enough reason to get my butt in the gym. If it were, I'd have lost this weight long ago.

The reason behind the reason (why I *want* to run a half marathon) is more complicated. I think it warrants a full post, so I'll have to noodle on it and it will be great blog fodder. Thanks again for the question.

Tigerlilly said...

Hey.. my kid and your kid could beat up everyone!! LOL

It took every inch of strenght to get me on the treadmill today... I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one :P

I just found out we are celebrating Thanksgiving three times this year... (God help me, again!)

So, ummm, why not have your maid do your laundry? LOL J/K .. I hate laundry too... and little kids clothes are 10X's harder to fold and hang.. grrrrrr.

Have a great day!!

Jill said...

Hey NRNancy - thanks for the suggestions! "run to feel strong and crazy" I think I like that one best - it fits right in w/ my personality!

Thanks Laura N - exercising for weight loss feels like torture to me, but running for energy and strength, I think I could do that! Thanks again!!

Grumpy Chair said...

My children have always been right in the 50% maybe less for Grumpette in the height and head circumference. My head is almost the same size as hers - that's why I say I look like a weeble!!! Plus I have to wear a toddler's bike safety helmet - and 43 year old ladies don't look cute in Miss Kitty.

That's will of steel to not take the car home on a rainy day and enjoy a good book (whatcha reading these days?). But then again, I have said it before, that is why your weight goes down and not up, up, up!

I dread this year's Thanksgiving at my parents' home. Luckily my mom is sick of company by Saturday morning, and we have all learned to leave by then. This year we are leaving on Friday afternoon.

ws said...

must we memorialize my moment of weakness for taking a day off? jeez...just kidding...

that's why we leave in Florida, no need for a SAD light.

Valerie said...

Laura, I am beyond inspired by this. Actually, at the moment I feel woefully inadequate, but I plan to be horribly inspired by it later! :-)

I found you through Lori's blog...I'm going to link to you from mine if you don't mind. You are the BOMB.


Jess said...

I know, sometimes you need a little mojo to get out there and get the run in; but we all feel better after doing it.