Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 271 - 153.4

I made it out for a run yesterday, and felt so much better during and afterwards. When will it sink in that if I feel bad, I just need to go running?

I did manage to get new running shoes Saturday, (Brooks Addiction 7)and they felt great on their first time out. I had been wearing motion control shoes, in size 8 1/2 extra wide. My new shoes are 8 1/2 but are a regular width. Even though they are motion control still, they are much lighter than my old shoes. I swear I was running faster with the new shoes on. I ran 3.1 miles is 33:30, which is around 10:50 minute miles, so I guess I was a little faster. Sweet.

Today is going to be unbelievably busy.

10 a.m. - Haircut. I'm thinking of getting it cut short. I was all about skinny girl long hair, but am kind of getting sick of the length already and it's not even to my shoulders. I was inspired by Jess's cut and am going to ask my stylist how short she thinks I can go. There's nothing wrong with completely changing your hairstyle right before a major holiday and family gathering, right?! (can you tell I've lost my mind?)

11:00 a.m. - Run home and change shirt after haircut; and get camera for...

12:30 p.m. - Sophie's Thanksgiving Day Feast & Play. She's an Indian, er, Native American Girl, and DH & I are going to watch her 5 minute play. I'm also going 15 minutes early to help set up the food for their feast.

3:00 p.m. - Oil changed, tires rotated, and run. Gotta get the VUE in shape for the trip to Indy. The plan here is to leave the car, and go run for an hour. It's in a part of town I haven't run in before, so I'm going to map a route and hopefully enjoy some different scenery (which will be mostly traffic and businesses, but oh well).

5:30 p.m. - Sophie hair cut. She needs one badly, but doesn't want her hair cut at all. This is going to be fun.

6:30 p.m. - Grocery shop for Turkey Day. We have to bring salad for 16. I'm going to do a take on Panera Bread's winter salad, with pears, dried cherries, blue cheese, candied pecans, and a sweet balsamic. I love fruity salads; I hate raw onions and raw tomatoes, so when I get to do the salad, it's all fruit and nuts and cheese. The greens will be a spinach/lettuce mix

8:30 p.m. - After the kids are in bed, I will get as much packed as possible. Last night I did the kids' laundry and put the clothes we are taking with us on the dining room table. So I'm close to getting them done. I hope to get as much done tonight as possible so we can leave at a decent time tomorrow afternoon.

?? p.m. - Pass out from exhaustion.

Hope your day is as fun-filled as mine!

P.S. Thanks to you all for your words of encouragement yesterday. You all really did help boost me up. Thank you.


Tigerlilly said...

What are friends for?

Have a fun, yet hectic,day today.. and just in case you leave before you blog again.. have a great trip and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Vickie said...
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Grumpy Chair said...

Wow, that's a very busy day!!!

Dontcha just love dining room tables? We have eaten at ours maybe 6 times a year, but most times it is covered with my lap top and printer.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Lori said...

Good lord, I'm exhausted just reading this. Sophie will be an excellent Native American. Have fun and drive safely.

PS Love your shoes.

Vickie said...

Delete was me - I had more to add.

I didn't have a chance to comment on your post yesterday.

On being afraid that you will not be happy with your final results - you may be or you may not be.

But if you aren't happy when you get to your final/goal weight - that doesn't mean that the body that you have on that ONE day is the body you are "stuck with" if there are parts of it that aren't what you want.

Jonathon said that your body continues changing (tone, for the better) for a full year after goal weight.

I would change that to say - infinity - you can work on your tone and your muscles for a long, long time.

You may get to goal and decide to stay there.

You may get to goal and decide to go up or go down a little.

But no matter WHAT the scale says (at that point) you can work on the tone and sculpt away/add as much as you want.

If I were talking to someone that just hit goal and was unhappy with some area and wanted surgery - I would definitely suggest that they spend their money with classes or a personal trainer instead - and give it a year.

Is my belly perfect? NO.

But I never would have dreamed that it would come along as far as it has and it continues to get better all the time.

Ditto the arms.
Ditto the thighs.
Ditto the neck.

The last time I lost - I didn't have any of these feelings. And I am not quite sure why. I was so happy to be losing that I was happy with everything. And mindless - and when life got very stressful and out of control - all the weight came back - and I didn't even really notice until I was back up over 200 pounds.

I wasn't exercising (at all then) - just lost by food intake. And that lack of body awareness might be why I didn't notice the gain.

Now, I am very body aware and I notice every little thing. But I think of that as a GOOD thing - I don't think it is possible for me to just slip back up over 200 without NOTICING now. That isn't to say that that much gain couldn't happen - but I would at least notice it.

This time I am very aware of my body and the shape and composition of it. And with that awareness - has come a lot of frustration with certain parts of it (belly was REALLY annoying for well over a year). I have shared before that I think this annoyance is actually what kept me going. I think it is also what will keep it off in the long run. Keep me on course.

I think there are different stages for all different kinds of things with weight loss - exercise mind, food mind, emotional mind, social mind, etc. For me - some of these are ages and stages that I didn't go through developmentally when I should have. Others are things that I learned the wrong way because of my family circumstances - only I didn't know they were the wrong way.

I think that sometimes there is an advantage to having kids - because as mine go through their ages and stages - I have lots of eureka moments.

I have no easy answers for the food thing. We all seem to march to different drummers on that one.

Exercises seem more universal. We all have different ones because of our various climates and different seasons. Exercises that we do at different stages of our weight loss. Etc.

So, I guess, from my exerience - if you have something that is really bugging you - then try to figure out how to channel that instead of letting it make you sad/angry.

Marcy said...

WHOOOOAAAAa you aren't kidding! That IS one busy day!! At least you won't be bored ;-)

Sweet kicks!! ;D ;D

Jess said...

That is a busy day! So, how did the cut come out? Pictures, pictures!

P.O.M. said...

See, only a woman can multi-task like that.

Have a great turkey day. Enjoy :)