Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 278 - 151.8

Well I didn't get a run in yesterday, and I could give lots of excuses but basically I just didn't have it in me to make the effort. It was a blech day all day. I blame it on the "return from holiday" blues. This afternoon is going to be perfect running weather--50s, sunshine--so I'm all set for a great run today. I'm planning on 5 miles and just cannot wait. I need this run like I need my daily Latte. =)

My brother in law had a mild heart attack Sunday night and DH and his sister left for Nashville yesterday afternoon to be with him. It's his second in 2 years, and it happened because the stent in his heart from the first heart attack got clogged. He knew what was happening when it started, and went to the hospital right away where they gave him meds to somehow unclog his heart and stop the damage. They are putting a stent inside the stent today. The prognosis looks good, but it's still serious, of course. Hopefully DH will be home tonight. Nashville is only 2ish hours away from us.

My husband's dad died at age 51 of a heart attack in the middle of the night when Mark was 8 years old. So this heart attack business is touchy stuff and brings up not only worries about his brother, but memories of his dad and thoughts of DH's own health. He's 45 and in much better shape than his father (and his brother, who's 55), but he has tons of stress and the bad genes and eats crappy food quite often. His cholesterol is high and he needs to get back on meds for it; I don't know exactly why he stopped taking them, but after this episode with his brother we're sure going to talk about what he needs to do to make sure this doesn't happen to him. I know there's only so much we can control, but I need my husband to be healthy for a very very very long time.

You can find Jillian Michaels on iTunes via KFI AM 640 Weekends Sundays. In "Power Search" enter "KFI" in "Artist," then click on "Sunday." You'll get a list of all their Sunday shows and viola! There's Jillian. Enjoy!


Tigerlilly said...

I'm sorry to hear about your brother in law. I will keep him in my prayers...

As for hubby.. you would think that after seeing you try so hard to be healthy that he would fall in line too. Men are so stubborn... kick his butt into shape! Tough love girl, tough love!

Enjoy your run tonight!!

Jess said...

Hope your BIL is okay!

Marcy said...

:-( I'm so sorry to hear about your BIL, chica!! I hope he's ok!!

ws said...

Hope your BIL makes a quick recovery and I hope you can enjoy your day.

Grumpy Chair said...

Sorry about the brother in-law. So great he saw the signs and sought medical treatment.

I hope you got your run in today.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the BIL. I hope they are on top of it and he will be okay. But, I am worried about DH. There is SO much he CAN and absolutely SHOULD control. The genes are not ideal, but that is even more reason to be ultra good. I hope you can gently provide this prodding or that he has heard it from this event. The cholesterol being high is a huge risk factor and is so unnecessary. I'm sorry if I am sounding preachy, just want to be helpful and you are barking up my tree, so always feel the duty to help.

I hope you had a fabulous run. I am still holding out hope for tomorrow.

Valerie said...

Thanks for the tip on Jillian, Laura. I will definitely use this!

It sounds like you are doing great...will keep your BIL in mind and hope DH will be reasonable. :-)