Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 263 - 155.8 Three pound gain!

I am retaining so much water, even my eyes were puffy this morning. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I gained 3 pounds in one day, but there it is.

Yesterday was a perfect storm of crappiness. And how did I cope? I ate like a mad woman. Emotional eating is still such a struggle; it probably always will be.

So the perfect storm was (a) mid-cycle moodiness (I seem to get just as PMS'y and bloated when I ovulate as I do right before TTOM, and sometimes it's worse); (b) a low pressure system went through fast and hard yesterday, bringing my mood down along with the barometer; and (c) Luke had a low grade fever when he should have been napping, so I didn't get to go to the gym to workout.

I was so emotional that Sunday morning during Sunday School, I cried during the video lesson (it was very powerful, but still) and then cried again during church when we were honoring our Veterans. It was all I could do to keep from blubbering all over myself.

I was hoping to salvage things somewhat with a workout at the gym, where I'd take Luke to the Kids Club while Mark and Sophie were on their "date" at Fired Up (a paint your own pottery studio). When he woke up crying after just an hour into his nap, I went in to check on him and his head and belly were hot. So I gave him Tylenol and cuddled him on my lap for the rest of the afternoon. He was fine last night, and okay this morning, so I'm not sure what it was. But it kept me out of the gym when I'd planned to go, and by evening I had nothing left to give and so I stuffed my face instead.

School's closed because of Veterans Day, so Sophie's with me at the office. I can't do my normal afternoon run outside since she's with me, but as God is my witness I'm running at the gym today. She has swim lessons at 5, so I'll park the kids at Kids Club and do some time on the treadmill. I'm still feeling crappy and deflated, but I'm going to fight to not fill up the emptiness with food.

I'll get through it. Tomorrow is another day.


Marcy said...

((((HUGS)))) chica!! That is a lot like me. PMS and weather tend to do me in as far as moods go. Add along with it a sick child and I'm a disaster. Hang in there!!

Tigerlilly said...

Take a deep breath... drink lots of water... and take it all out on the treadmill tonight! My best workouts are when I am pissy and moody.. for some reason I like to take it out on my body! Good thing to! LOL

I hope Luke stays healthy...maybe just a 24 hr bug?

Have a great day... and try not to bite anyones head off! ;)

Grumpy Chair said...

Drink water. Pamper yourself with some decaf herbal tea, too.

Sorry Luke was sick, maybe it was teething?

Hope today is better.

ws said...

hope today improves and you have a good run.

I am a victim of weather/pressure changes as well.

Lori said...

PMS. Drink lots of water.

Maybe you could get a home workout DVD for the days you're stuck at home? I got one for my winter days that are probably coming.

I hope Luke gets better soon. Poor baby and poor mommy. :-(

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hang in there. I totally hear ya. Having a sick little one is not easy on top of everything else.

P.O.M. said...

Two steps forward. One Step Back.

One day of crappyness won't ruin your entire week. Those water ell bees will be off in no time - sweat 'em out and you'll feel so much better.

Is there any way to squeeze a bubble bath in there for you? With complete silence and scented candles???

Hope your afternoon gets better :)

Jess said...

I love the Scarlett O'Hara attitude!

I wold also reccommend green tea to help relieve the water retention. The caffeine it has is enought to be a diuretic, but not so much to keep up you late at night chewing on your fingernails.