Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 280 - 150.8 Plan 1 on LAWL

Woohoo, back into the 150 range. I am one pound from the 140s, people. ONE POUND!

Yesterday at LAWL, my official weight was 152.4, which is what I weighed the week before Thanksgiving week. So not much action "officially." The counselor did say it's still a 55 pound loss, and I totally hadn't added that up in my head--I've been saying 53 pounds to anyone who asks how much I've lost. But I get to put a FIVE on the end of that total poundage lost, which is sweeeeet.

She also moved me to Plan 1, which is the lowest plan I can go to without starving to death. I'm not officially supposed to move to Plan 1 until I hit 149, but she said it would help to go ahead and move down now if I wanted.

So today, my new food plan is:
2 proteins
2 veggies
2 fruits
2 starches
1 dairy
1 fat
2 LA Lites

From plan 2 to plan 1, I am losing:
1/2 protein
1 veggie
1 dairy
1 fat

This is not a lot of food. And I'd like to be eating more. So I've got to get to goal pronto so I can eat more food again. Sounds nuts, huh?

Here's the dealio... when I hit goal, they start adding food back a little at a time, and over 6 weeks I get to stabilize until I reach my maintenance level of portions. They make sure I don't gain weight as they add it back in, until we find how much I can eat without gaining.

With this little food, I've got to make sure the quality is superior, so I'm going to be skipping my frequent fast food salads and daily Starbucks latte. You have no idea how hard it was not to drive to Starbucks this morning (Marcy, we don't have a Dunkin' Donuts or I'd sure go there instead). I had to drink plain old coffee with coffee mate this morning. (I am such a spoiled brat, I know.) Lunch was broccoli and 3 oz of chopped sirloin. Can you feel my excitement?

But I am getting to 145, and now I want to get there so I can eat more. Whatever it takes, whatever it takes.....

I got in a 3.1 mile run yesterday, and today is a rest day because I didn't have any clean workout pants and because my shin hurts a little and I just wants me a rest day, 'kay?

Hope y'all are having a good one. TTFN.


Cara said...

wow a 55 lb loss AND the ability to run 3.1 miles. I am JEALOUS!!! Good job!

Grumpy Chair said...

I am so excited for you and even have butterflies in my stomach.

You've made it this far, you are almost there.

Tigerlilly said...

Yahooooo.. You are my hero! :)

You are kicking butte.. and looking good doing it! Keep it up.. your so close!

P.O.M. said...

ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! ONE POUND - that is sooooo doable. Then only 5 more and you are there!

You are really doign great!

ws said...

I can feel your food excitement. I feel everyone's food excitement.

Congrats on the 55 pounds - only a little more to go, but that is like someone say at mile 20 that the marathon is almost over. You want to hit me in the face right about now, no?

Marcy said...

LMAO!! You're so cute!! I'm glad that you made that clear, otherwise we could not be friends. I'm KIDDING!!

You ARE SOOOO STINKIN close!!! How AWESOME!! I'm REALLY excited for you!! ;D ;D

Jess said...

You're so close!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh Laura, you are doing so awesome girl. I need to keep reading your blog, it helps me so much. I want to be with you at 145, Girlie!! I am 158 today but had 3 really awesome eating days and feel back on track. It needs to be all the time, though.

Thanks for the inspiration, motivation, kick in the pants, excitement, laughs....

sheila said...

Hi Laura, I was just trying to get the date for the 1/2 in Evansville for 2008 and ran across your blog. I am also doing the Indy Mini Marathon on May 3rd and plan on doing the 1/2 in Evansville. It would be awesome to post with someone doing the same races. Did you do the 1/2 in Evansville last year? It would be great to hear from you


Laura N said...

Sheila, just wanted to post a comment in case you checked back on this post. Your blogger profile doesn't list your email address or blog address, so I couldn't get back in touch with you. I hope you email me with more info so we can get in touch.