Wednesday, September 14, 2011

weigh in Wednesday; SAD irritability (170.8)

I couldn't help it.  I got on the scale this morning, out of morbid curiosity and habit.

I think 169 is just around the corner...

I have been very irritable today.  I've been hitting a lot of brick walls the past couple of days a work, which are frustrating.  I'm behind on laundry at home, I'm worried about some life stuff, I want to work out every day but am having trouble fitting it in like I want to (still no weights or yoga).  

It hit me this afternoon that irritability is a side effect of SAD light therapy. At the start anyway.  I've been sitting about 30" from the light; they recommend 40" to start.  But I figured, hey if 40 is good then 30 will be better, right?  Wrong. Going to 40" tomorrow.

I also read some information today that the light needs to come from above your eyes, and not straight on.  The light simulates sunlight.  The sun is above our eyes.  The light receptors are in the bottom of our retinas.  So, duh, the light box needs to be above where I'm sitting.  I will have to figure out how to position the thing so it works right (which may include buying the stand that goes with it, darn it, but it has to work right or what's the point?).  But for now, I'm moving it away from me another 10" so I'm not a grouch again tomorrow.

Food is good today. I'm planning on doing yoga or hitting the TM when I get home after work. 


Vickie said...

did moving light help?

it was very sunny here yesterday and I sat in sun with my face to it for an hour waiting for middle to finish college class it was a very calming hour in the midst of still trying to get caught up at home. we are home for weekend with not a lot going on, so very hopeful to be even more caught up by monday.

Laura N said...

It did help. I put a box on the table and put the light on the box, so now it's above me. It's about 40 inches away, now, too. I think it's really helping. I have a lot of energy, am not feeling blue on the rainy days we've had lately. I'm hoping it keeps helping. What a wonder it would be to go through a fall and winter and actually feel GOOD.