Monday, September 19, 2011

Hey (170.6)

Sorry... weekend was a combination of swamped and lazy, and I never got online.

Today has been nuts.  We had a bomb scare at the Armory next to our building, and the police wouldn't let anyone in our building, so I went home and cleaned out Sophie's closet.  I'm at work now, but it's crazy so no time to write.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow!


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Laura N said...

Bomb scare turned out to be nothing. I guess they have to be more careful than not. I heard they even called in the FBI.

It was a pain for a lot of people. They shut down the main East/West artery of the city, both ways, at the intersection of the road that leads to the Armory (and our building), for a couple of hours. I only was in the office for over an hour. Not a great start to a Monday.

At least there was no bomb!