Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Avocados (or, The Story of My Hair) (170.0)

I got my hair cut Friday.  When my stylist was drying and hot ironing it, she said it was super healthy & shiny.  That's the first time she's observed these things about my hair, or at least the first time she's mentioned it to me.

I smiled & said it's because I've been eating avocados and other healthy fats every day.  And I was tickled by this unexpected benefit.

Last week I re-discovered Chocolate Covered Katie's website, and on her FAQ's page she mentions her shiny, healthy hair, and that she eats lots of avocados and other healthy fats.  I didn't realize until I read CCK's FAQ's that your hair benefited from eating healthy fats.  I just thought they were making me stay fuller longer.

When my stylist mentioned my shiny hair, I knew it was the avocados and nuts I eat every day. 

I had never bought an avocado until three months ago, when I started eating whole foods (based on Kay Sheppard's plan).  I was a bit intimated at first--they are quite freaky to the ignorant, or at least they were to me, with their strange green/black skins, soft flesh, and humongous stone pit. 

But I have since warmed up to this incredible fruit and look forward to having it at breakfast every morning.  Some days I'm also inlcuding a small amount in my lunch salad, too.

What a bonus to know that the hair I put through torture every day--blow drying and hot ironing--is strong and healthy thanks to my diet.


Laura N said...

I don't want to write a full post on this, but I did want to update you on my clothing size. I'm now completely out of my size 14s and am comfortably into my 12s. I don't have a lot of cool weather size 12s, but I have enough to get through the fall. I won't have much variety in what I wear, but it's not a huge deal--not like I have a corporate world to impress. I was thrilled to put on my size 12 Levi's last week & have them fit. They have 2% spandex and are straight legs. My sz 12 Levi's that are boot cut with 1% spandex don't fit yet. Interesting, eh? I also have a pair of Worthington pants and a skirt that are "skinny" 12s that are still too tight.

I should be in size 10s when I reach 160. The last time I was that weight was at my 40th birthday in April 2010. I have some of those clothes packed away in the garage somewhere, and also have some stashed in a storage box under Luke's bed.

I am giving away my size 14s. I gave them away last time I lost weight. I am not hanging onto them. To me, hanging on to them means I expect to be a size 14 again one day. I don't. And I don't want the mental or physical clutter. They are going to Goodwill.

Vickie said...

congrats on the new size - a wonderful feeling I know

on the hair topic - I have known bloggers who have had massive hair loss or damage with their weight loss - too fast, not enough whole foods, not enough balance (too many carbs, not enough healthy fat, not enough protein). So if your hair and nails are doing well, it is a good sign that you are actually feeding your body what it needs and it can handle the loss of weight.