Friday, September 09, 2011

Low pressure system implosion (172.6)

It is scary how closely tied I am to the weather. 

Yesterday a low pressure system came through in the afternoon.  Cloudy, on the verge of rain, barometer dropping quickly.  As it dropped, so did my energy level. 

I also have another sore throat, probably from allergies. I have had the windows open in the house for the past four days, but on Thursday morning I closed up the house and turned on all 4 of our air cleaners (in each bedroom and in family room) to suck out the ragweed because my eyes and throat were burning and scratchy.  Last night my throat started hurting like mad, and it still does today.  It's not strep, I don't think--at least it doesn't look or smell like it yet. I'm not sick, really, my throat just hurts.

Anyway, last night was a total bust.  I skipped Sophie's Girl Scout meeting (just parents, Sophie didn't miss anything), I skipped church choir.  I dove head first into food.  I was tired at 5 pm, but instead of sleeping I ate.  Actually, I did pass out for about 45 minutes in the recliner after a carb binge.  I kept eating most of the night.  I felt worse--very, very moody--but I couldn't stop.

So... obviously I have discovered another trigger and need to watch myself during these dark and stormy seasonal transition months, and get a plan in place to deal with them.  This won't be the last time I am hit by a weather change. 

I have my old SAD light on at work, for several hours yesterday, and several hours today (it is lower lumens, so I am using it for longer time periods and hoping it starts to help).  My new SAD light should be delivered today or tomorrow.  I plan to use it at home when I first wake up.

I am eating well today.  I am going to run this afternoon, 3 miles.  I am signing up for a 10k that is tomorrow morning.  A couple of my girlfriends are running it, and it is a JUST DO IT thing for me.  I need the accountability and motivation--they are there for the taking, so I am taking them and going to run with it.


Vickie said...

We do not open windows this time of year AT ALL. Our filter is built into the air system and is always on (365 days). it might not be blowing hot or cold, but it is filtering the air and keeping it circulating.

We can be outside, but have to have the house okay. And if outside, I can't be anywhere near someone spraying or mowing.

When the barometer took a dive, did you have actual physical symptoms - headache, body ache, ???

See if you can isolate it next time.

You are exactly right - give yourself a heads up that a weather front is moving.

And give yourself a double heads up if this is happening when you have something else going on (like PMS).

what you describe was for me the

It was related to my asthma, migraines, allergies, GI track and female track.

Sometimes (most times) I had the feeling that if I just ate the 'right thing' or the right combination of things I would then feel better. This was ALWAYS CARB related.

I never did feel better, I always actually felt worse. it was a terrible cycle.

have fun at your 10k

jen said...

I don't know if you've seen an allergist, but it really helped me. The meds he prescribed worked a lot better than OTC ones. I also was told to do mattress encasements, which was a pain but once they're on, they stay on.

Vickie said...

jen had really good points. I am on 3 different allergy meds 365 days a year. I take them whether or not it is the season. We started doing this because of my inner ear/dizzy thing, but then it make a huge difference for my whole life.

our mattresses, box springs and pillows are all encased (good point jen!) too

my husband cleans furnace filter very regularly (we have the kind that cleans with hose, if we had replace kind, which can be bought in multi pakcs very cheaply, I would replace it once a month).