Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's next...

No weight today. Had Mexican with my friend Debra last night--we did well and split an order and didn't even finish the chip basket. I think I had like 8 or 9 chips. One chicken enchilada. And no margarita! That was the test, right there.

So, I was really bloated this morning and didn't feel the sadistic pull of the scale. So I skipped it.

Another snow day and day off school today. So tired of this white stuff. I didn't have a bad morning--it was quiet and lazy, which was nice.

Oh! And last night (Wednesday) I got home around 7:50 with the kids after their weekly church group program, and I got on the treadmill. I told the kids to get dressed for bed, got their snacks out, and told everyone I'd be on the TM for 35 minutes and would be unavailable. I walked only, but enough to sweat. I watched my show while walking so I didn't have the guilt with the pleasure. I was done at 8:50, and it felt amazing to have DONE IT instead of just talk or think about it. A short simple walk but what a payoff.

But today, I was more slothful. I had a couple hours computer work to do at home then took the kids with me to the office around 3 pm. I did eat some cookies this afternoon. It wasn't a binge, but it was sugar.

Tonight I left the office at 6 pm. Mark took the kids home and I got my hair cut and ran to Target. Nothing like getting your hair did to feel better. It helped to have a couple hours alone.

Which sort if segues to my title today. I'm going to do something different with my exercise. I've printed the schedule, outlined some times that will work, found some workout clothes, and dragged my old mat and bag out from under the bed.

Yoga. There's a hot yoga place between Luke's daycare and my office. I could run to it from work, it's that close. The class times aren't great, but I'm going to make some work. They are 90 minutes long!! I am planning on a class this weekend and then figuring out a schedule with Mark next week. I think he'll work with me on the business hours classes if I do my work at other times. Yoga is great for runners. The studio moved to this location about a year ago. It's been singing a siren song to me ever since. I took classes from them years ago, and I know the original studio owner (she sold the place a while back, but she still teaches). The parking lot is always full and they have 5 or 6 classes a day, and 3 classes each weekend day. So it's a good place.

With luck I'll be starting a yoga practice very soon.


Helen said...

I just today caught up on your last several sorry you have been struggling and I so relate (even though SAD is not a problem in Cali -- maybe you should move here?!). The past months have been a challenge.

GOOD yoga classes are often 90 minutes. It is hard to get it all in in an hour although I am having some good experiences at the moment with hour to hour and 15 minute classes. I have been trying a lot of different exercise things lately and yoga is still the thing that I like the best. Even with my totally Gym Girl trainer tonight, I recognized that most (if not all) of the things we did are done in yoga too! :-)

Anyway...yay, you! Yay, us! Yay for keeping WORKING at it. XOXO

Vickie said...

TV and treadmill were a really good combination for me. TV is both a bribe and a distraction. (And I was only watching CSI Miami!) I got an hour a day, 5 days a week in for a whole school year that way. Most people spend more than an hour in front of the TV. Not everyone I realize, but many. So it really is a doable combination. yoga and running are good combination. good you are finding your mindfulness. Mind/body connection will be reinforced by yoga.

Laura I. (G.G.) said...

Just remember--success in this sort of thing lies not in perfect execution, but in piecing together chains of small progressive actions over a period of time.

Different is GOOD. I hope you LOVE the yoga--it's made a big difference in my life. I can feel it when I miss several classes in a row--not just physically, but emotionally.

Sorry to write a book! Good job, Laura--good luck--and keep on moving:-)

Kara said...

Yoga has made such a difference in how I feel about my body...and what it does to my arms isn't bad either :)

Jill said...

YOGAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Oh how I adore, ADORE, yoga! I just ordered a new yoga dvd and can't wait for it to arrive. I think yoga will be great for you - heck just the 90 mins of quiet time alone is worth the trouble of rearranging your schedule. Good gravy, I wish we lived closer so we could go together!!

I think you are doing great - you sound good, and you are doing what you need to do to take care of yourself and put yourself first. You might want to think about changing your name to Awesome. ;)