Sunday, January 23, 2011


Since Tuesday I've exercised 4 times-- two days of 30 minutes treadmill, one day 60 minutes treadmill, and yesterday 90 minute hot yoga class. Today I'm going to another yoga class at 3 pm.

Sundays I am usually a slug. I believe in God's commandment to rest--it's good to rest. But it's not helpful for me to be a lazy sloth of a human being and then feel worse at night and on Monday morning. So I'm trying something new today and hope it helps.

One of the CDs by Karly talks about being a highly sensitive person. I've known a long time I am highly sensitive. To other people's emotions, to others' needs, to sounds and smells and light, to group dynamics, to weather changes, even to the oppression of the intense negative energy in a WalMart. (I know this might sound weird--but if you're sensitive it might sound very familiar.)

I haven't heard someone talk about sensitivity like Karly has. It's so helpful to know I'm not alone.

More soon. I'm off to my yoga class.


The Fat Girl said...

Great job with the workouts this week. I was able to get 2 1/2 hours in this week but I really want to strive for more. So, like you, I'm off to get some activity in!

(I'm a new follower and need to peek around your blog a bit. You've had much success, congrats!)

Cindy...154 said...

I VERY much relate to the walmart thing. I must be the sensitive type and I should get the CD. I am so glad you are doing the yoga class. That's it, you just motivated me to go out later and pay my gym dues. I looked up the class scheduel online but have not gotten over there. I never was a class person but I need to do something new.
So glad to see a post! Thanks

Kara said...

I always take Sundays off! It's such a fun day to relax with my husband and the baby and not worry about scheduling a workout and shower around my husband's schedule :)

Also, I always do my long runs on Sat, so it works out perfectly!

Laura I. (G.G.) said...

I usually take a 5 mile walk outside on Sundays (local Greenway)--nothing strenuous unless I missed a lot during the week.

You're doing great! Mixing things up should help you, I think.

Vickie said...

I identify totally with the sensitivity – touch, light, sound, vibes - adhesive in Band-Aids, high pitch security system at library and Kohl’s (even though I am old enough that I can’t actively hear it), vibes from one the 3rd grade classrooms, flashing lights, too much exhale from crowds, personal space, manic people on a high, and all the ones you mentioned.

Slug Sunday also sets me up for a bad start to the week - unless I have had a major GET IT DONE Saturday - and am way ahead of the game. Even if I only do minor cooking, laundry, kitchen on Sunday - the week starts a lot better.

(so glad you replaced your last post, every time I popped over, it felt like you were eating endless mexican dishes. . .)

Jane said...

I first read about highly sensitive people a few years ago and was greatly relieved to have some answers to my own sensitivity. Yes, I am sensitive to bright lights, too much noise, odors, large crowds, etc. The bright light issue made the workplace very difficult and my eyes very strained.

Regarding Sundays: I also have to find a balance between resting and being very sedentary. If I let my house go on a Sunday and I have to face it on Monday, it's not a good beginning of the week for me.

Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad I found your blog (thanks to Vickie).