Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wednesday Brain Dump

I'm not feeling very coherent today, but it's been a while since I posted so I figured I ought to at least get an update out here.

On the weight front, I was 158.2 yesterday. I'm heading in the right direction, albeit slowly. I've not been very strict with my food & I only worked out twice last week, so I suppose I should be happy with the loss since vacation.

I finally got to run outside yesterday. The sun was hot, but the humidity was down & it was in the low 80s. It felt great to finally run on pavement again. I'd missed it terribly.

My free time lately has been taken up with the Twilight series. I read Twilight on vacation, then read New Moon last week (not the best book to read if you're already in vacation let-down mode... the middle section is quite depressing). I watched the movie on Monday, and again on Tuesday. I'm reading Eclipse now. I love this series. I don't want to finish the books too quickly, because I want the relationships with these characters to go on, but they are so hard to put down. So it's a catch 22. I did find the author's website has an unpublished manuscript from Edward's point of view, so at least I'll have that to read once I finish Breaking Dawn. & New Moon the movie comes out in November. Thankfully my circle of girlfriends are gaga over Edward, too, so we are all going together to the movie.

Our 4th of July weekend is already packed with plans. Hopefully the rain will stay away because our plans include 2 pool parties.

I'm planning another run this afternoon if the rain stays away. It should be even cooler today than yesterday.

On the mental health front, I've got an appointment to see a psychiatrist on July 7th. I've been weaning myself off of wellbutrin, & it's helping the mood swings get farther apart. I'm feeling down today, but yesterday I felt great. I can tell this is a downward cycle today. I'm so glad I'm getting help & pray we get the meds figured out before I go through another winter SAD season. I'm just ready to get off this roller coaster ride that's been my life since I was a teenager.

Sophie is doing great. We are so blessed. Whether it's the ADHD meds or the migraine meds, something is keeping her dizzy spells away. She's not had one since May 7th, and that one lasted only 4 days, and before that she'd had a long spell in mid March. I do not think it's a coincidence that she started straterra on March 14th, and since then she's had one spell that lasted 4 days. When I looked up medications that treat migraine, straterra was listed. She's really slimmed down this summer, too. I bought her size 14 shorts from Justice in March, and they are falling off of her. She can wear her 10s from last summer. She's getting taller & her legs are getting longer and I think she's thinning out from being more active.

Luke is a charmer. Still. Love that boy.

Mark is struggling lately. He's under a lot of stress, hasn't been able to work out since vacation. He can't find his groove. I'm praying for him & doing whatever I can to help, which isn't much. He's got a lot on his plate.

It's July. That means Christmas will be here next week. Seriously, when July 1st gets here, it's all down hill till the end of the year. Time flies so quickly in the summer and fall months.

Hope you all enjoy the fireworks on Saturday.


Helen said...

I love the Twilight books too...wait til you get to Breaking Dawn!! I devoured all of them. And I went to see the movie the day it opened with a friend and her 14-year-old...I think the mom and I were more gaga than even the teenager! ;-) BUT, when I watched it again with DB, I found the acting was a little cheezy. Doesn't take away from me loving it though...and I'm Team Jacob all the way! ;-)

Jill said...

Hey girlie! Good to hear from you! Sounds like you've been as busy as I have - we need to touch base soon! :)

MCM Mama said...

Those Twilight books are addictive.

Glad things are going well for Sophie. Hopefully you can start figuring things out for you soon too.

Heather said...

glad the scale is moving in the right direction. I love Twilight- I finished the last book back in December. I read the authors other book, The Host, but it definitely is not Twilight.

Doc Manette said...

Glad Sophie is doing great on her meds and keeping those migraines away.

Have a wonderful 4th and blow that rain down here to east Texas - heat wave and no rain!

Vickie said...

Okay girls - I live with a 15 year old (and all her friends) that gushes on about these books too . . .

Vickie said...

VERY glad about the meds.

I have a killer migraine myself today.

Cindy...154 said...

glad you got a minute to post. I have not had much time to blog or read blogs and I miss it. Very glad Sophie is doing so well. My exercise has been spotty but much better lately. I take what I can get. Hope your holiday is fun!