Monday, July 27, 2009

Diet & Exercise

Hey! You know what? This is supposed to be a diet & exercise blog, not a "Woe is me my life is falling apart" blog. There's been a lot of that lately, & not enough diet & exercise chatter.

So how about some good news on the diet & exercise front for a change....

Sunday morning I had just HAD IT UP TO HERE with my binging, out of control self. I think the weekend before had been so traumatic, & the days following felt so amazing with their normality, that by this weekend I had so much energy that I was thrilled beyond thrilled (& I'm also aware that starting on wellbutrin provides a burst of energy, but I don't care where it came was a gift, I accepted it with gratitude).

I had been toying with the idea of going back to the Original Crack the Fat Loss Code plan, that both Helen & Vickie are following. I know it like the back of my hand, it's simple & straight forward (once you get the hang of it), & it works like nothing else. The 2nd version of the diet is, frankly, pretty complicated after week 2 & I just wasn't up for learning something new.

So Sunday morning I began a-Crack-a-lackin' again. I did great with food all day. I even ran 3 solid miles last night, in 34:44 (avg. around 11:30/mile). And those 3 miles felt amazingly strong after my past few runs where I cried half the time. I felt a little woozy a few times during the day from no carbs, but I just ate some protein & that went away.

I lost 2 pounds this morning. 157.2

Water weight has to be lost one way or another. I'll take quick water weight loss any day.

Today is going well so far on the food front. No reason to think I'll get off plan. We even have a dinner with prospects tonight, but I am ordering blackened salmon, asparagus, & the salad bar (will be very picky about what I put on my salad).

I'm feeling fairly stable emotionally, although I have felt anxious a few times the past couple days. 1/2 a xanax usually takes care of it though.

Better living through chemicals.... and no carbs for a week.


Jill said...

Woohoo! I can feel the energy coming through post! Good job on the loss - you are on your way down again (and I mean that in a good way!). :)

Vickie said...

there is a lot to be said for simple - and I find having a food schedule really relaxing - just follow along - no calculations or drama.

glad things are going better.

Mama said...

You sound so much more positive! It's nice to hear you feeling that way!

MCM Mama

Helen said...

I loved every minute of vacation, but I am happy to be back on The Program today. :-)

Sorry to hear you had a rough week last week, but happy to hear that you took steps to take care of YOU.

debby said...

Blackened salmon--how do you make that at home?

Shauna said...

just catching up on a week of posts, sorry the last one was so rough! hope you are hanging in there comrade... you sound like you're on your way xxox

Heather said...

good for you! and I especially mean it, because I read the book and honestly, I am scared even begin it. the meal plan for the first week is horrible and like the Take off we had to do for LA weight loss that I hated. even though I know it will be worth it, I just cannot get pasted my fear of the first week. So I give you so much credit for jumping back in there and doing it and Im glad its working for you.