Friday, July 10, 2009

The plan is working!

Despite my lack of exercise this week, my weight is going down. I was 156.6 this morning. I will take it.

Helen, who is also doing the Crack diet, commented on my last post that it makes the night time snack desires go away. & I would second that. I guess because I'm not pouring carbs into my body during the day, it's not craving them at night when I stop feeding it.

It's rather magical, actually.

I will admit I caved & had a little square of Green & Black's chocolate yesterday. I have an emergency bar in my desk. It was one tiny inconsequential square, but you know what? About 30 minutes later I was craving more chocolate. Funny how that works. (& I didn't eat any more chocolate, by the way. I sort of learned my lesson with that one piece.)

So I'm giving the body the food it needs to burn some fat. Unfortunately, I still haven't made time to run or workout. Work is crazy busy & I'm not a morning workout person & up until today I had nothing left after taking care of the kids & working all day. Those are the excuses anyway.

Today I am finally starting to feel the fog lift from my brain. Whether it's the new medicine or simply the end of my hormonal swing, it doesn't matter. I feel better. That's what counts.


Mama said...

Glad it's working for you. Hope you find time to run soon!

MCM Mama

Helen said...

It does feel like magic...but maybe it's just paying attention...and a little science. ;-)

Cindy...154 said...

I always enjoy the lifted fog no matter where it comes from! Glad you are feeling good and the magic of carb deplete is working!

Vickie said...

your 'recovering from vacation card' has now expired - time to start posting regularly again. . .

Heather said...

so happy that its working for you! thats the good thing about finding something that works for you - it works when you really want it to work.