Thursday, July 23, 2009

Better, but with work to do

The past two days have been remarkably better. I'm out of the darkness, and so far feel fairly stable. I haven't cycled back down & I'm definitely nowhere near topping out. I guess I'd say I feel normal and even right now.

It would be lovely if that feeling stuck around for a while.

I got the kids back last night & OH HOW I MISSED THEM. I missed them more than I did when I was in St John for over a week (of course, how do you miss anyone when you're in paradise? you don't, you're in paradise). My mom brought them to Sophie's swim lessons, and she was there 30 minutes before class started (which interrupted the time I thought I would have to run on the treadmill, but that was OK by me). It was bliss, holding them both.

After swim we went home, had dinner, and I put all their stuff away from their overnight at grandma's. Usually I let things pile up in the dining room & get to putting it away whenever. But I had gotten the house clean on Tuesday and I decided I'd try to stay ahead of the mess instead of getting behind it, which is what usually happens. It was nice to leave the house this morning with things picked up instead of in a shambles.

My food & exercise is still meh. I walked 2 miles with my girlfriend last night, as is usual on swim lesson nights. I ate well all day but before bed I had some (okay, 5) oreos. I love me some oreos. I know they shouldn't be in my house, but I'm not ready to let them go yet.

So I'm working on little things. Like getting to work at a normal hour (8 or 8:30 instead of 10 or 10:30). And keeping the dishwasher unloaded. And making our bed. And keeping my bathroom clean. And not letting laundry pile up (that's a never ending battle).

And maybe, just maybe, if I can get the normal things in life to go well, I can find the energy to once again make my body a little smaller. 159 on the scale isn't the end of the world, but it's about 7 pounds more than I'm comfortable with.

I'll get there. Soon.


Vickie said...

if you wish you could get more from the slow walk - if you are brave - she could walk forwards and you could walk backwards.

In one of my classes we SKIP backwards - and let me tell you - MAJOR effort.

Another idea would be hand weights and chest presses, etc as you walk. Even with 5 lb weights - if you keep the arms moving - you will feel it.

so these are things that you could do at HER pace - that would net you exercise while you talk.

glad things are better

staying ahead at home - really does help - doesn't it?!?!

Mama said...

Baby steps, just keep taking baby steps and you'll get there. I feel so much better when I stay ahead of the house, I just suck at doing it.

MCM Mama

debby said...

I like normal. It all sounds good, Laura.

Jill said...

You sound really good and even. So will you come to my house and tidy up for me? Because I can never seem to get ahead of the mess!

Cindy...154 said...

I can so much relate to what you go through. Right down to the oreos..somebody set a pack of them on the counter in our department during my eating week and I must have had ten. But the scale goes down again. You do the little things and they add up. We never give up and we get better. I don't have it figured out but I have more acceptance of my cycling moods now than I used to. I guess I wish I would not eat as much during the down times... but if this is as good as it gets, I will take it. Hang in there. You do so much I don't think you realize it. You are a huge inspiration to me.