Friday, July 31, 2009

Roasting & Losing

This week has gone pretty well. With the exception of yesterday I've felt great all week. I started TTOM on Wednesday & I guess I had delayed PMS because I felt horribly down yesterday. & I was an awful mother last night--tired, impatient, yelled at the kids when they wouldn't go to bed after I'd told them to three times. (My yelling made Sophie cry, and I had a delay in feeling bad about making her cry, which made things worse; it only took about 5 minutes for me to get my head on straight, then I felt just awful about it. Thank God she has a forgiving heart. But, yeah, I need to stop the yelling. Bad, bad, bad.)

Anyway, I've run twice & walked once this week. My walking friend has started jogging for 1 minute intervals during her walks, and she made the mistake of telling me this on our walk Wednesday night. We of course threw in a few running laps, which was freaking awesome! I told her she's in trouble--I'm going to have her running 5ks with me before she knows it.

Food has been spot on plan for week 1 of the Crack diet, which is the difficult carb deplete week. Once you get the hang of it, it truly is not that difficult. I was woosy on the 3rd day, when I ran 3 miles that afternoon, because, um, DUH, I had zero glycogen stores left in my muscles & I was trying to run in humid 80ish temps.

But I felt fine on day 4. And yesterday when I was in the pit of PMS despair and wanted to eat my way through the craziness of the kids and traffic and LIFE--I didn't. I just didn't. I went home and ate a turkey burger and roasted broccoli.

Which brings me to the title of today's post. I have discovered that roasted green veggies are without a doubt the best thing since sliced bread (which I can't have right now anyway, haha). I've been roasting my fresh green beans for a while, using olive oil & this spice I found in St John (I have to order more--I can't believe how amazing the Cruz Bay Grill Rub is--St John Spice). I know green beans aren't on the list of approved veggies for carb deplete week, but I looked up the carb content & they aren't any worse than broccoli.

And OH MY! Roasted broccoli is to die for. Diet Girl had posted a recipe for roasted broccoli ages ago, which I printed but never have made (I will be soon, very very soon). I made it last night with the Cruz Bay rub, and it was like candy. Seriously. Green veggie candy.

Please, no one tell me that roasting vegetables is bad for you. I don't think I can go back to microwaving again. BTW, I have a large toaster oven & that's where I'm roasting, not the big oven that takes forever to preheat & uses a ton of energy.

I think next I'm going to try roasted squash, zuch, & tomatoes (I have previously roasted grape tomatoes using a recipe from Roni, and they are amazing).

I know I'm late to this party, so tell me...what do you roast that you'll never microwave again?

Today is Mark's birthday, and I did not have even a teeny tiny crumb of his birthday cake this morning. And I won't have any pizza tonight either. I will have dinner with him tomorrow night, & that might be tricky. I'm just going to make the best choices I can & start week 2 on Sunday.

I hit 155.2 Wednesday, was 155.4 yesterday, and am 155.2 today. That's 4 pounds down since I started Sunday. I can wear a dress today that I couldn't when I was pushing 160, and it's not tight at all. So it's working.

I can't wait to get to 145. I felt absolutely amazing at 146 last October. I remind myself of that feeling when I struggle or have the don't wannas. It's only 10 more pounds to lose. I know I can get there.


Helen said...

I LOVE BROCCOLI. I can't believe how much I love eating it every day. I even ate it on vacation. It is so yummy.

I'm going to go look at that recipe for roasted broccoli. We're doing grilled steaks, roasted asparagus (I make it with olive oil, garlic and tarragon -- also do it in microwave when I'm in a hurry) and martinis (oh well, can't be perfect!).

I love this program...I feel SO GOOD on it and my clothes feel good and people tell me I look good and it's all GOOD. :-)

Jill said...

Yelling is bad? Crud, I'm going to have to rethink my whole parenting philosophy! ;)

Roasted is about the only way I can eat broccoli. That's about the only veggie I've ever roasted, I think. I'll have to experiment and see what else is good!

Good job on the loss - you will be at 145 in no time!

debby said...

I love roasting veggies too. I got obsessed with roasted brussel sprouts during the winter, and now I love my roasted green beans. I'm gonna have to try brocolli again. I did diet girl's recipe and it was really great. I want to try carrots--i'm sure they will be wonderful too.

Vickie said...

Roni's summer veggie bake is good - I just leave off the carbs and do only the veggies.

glad things continue to go pretty well.

If you never yelled at your kids - they would not know how to cope with yelling. they would not know people make mistakes. They would not know when they push TOO MUCH there is a reaction. when it happens - just talk about all of these facts. And make sure that when you are telling them to go to bed - the FIRST time - that you have given them warning so they know they are in the going to bed phase and that you are making eye contact when it is the actual going to bed time - and that you have their full attention for all these phases and are using a serious voice.

Vickie said...

If I had to tell someone something THREE TIMES I would be ticked too.

Teachers hate parents who do the multiple telling thing (or lord forbid the counting thing!) because they expect kids to cooperate the FIRST TIME. And who wants to have roomate or a husband! that has to be told everything multiple times!!! Think about THAT instead of feeling bad that you got upset. You just work on the level that you get upset and you will feel better.

Vickie said...

You will like steamed veggies too

I put clean veggies in top basket. I put a couple inches of water in bottom. I put lid ON. I set the timer for 15 minutes (so it is going from cold water/pan to DONE in 15 minutes). when the timer goes off - I immediately get it off the heat and out of the pan so that it doesn't continue cooking. If it is a large volume - I run it under water so that it doesn't continue cooking from its own volume/heat. Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, onion, etc. works great.

I use steamed cabbage leaves as a container for things - I dry fry broccoli slaw and then smear hot Chinese mustard and add baked chicken. these are my mock egg rolls. the broccoli slaw is a GREAT way to get more broccoli in as it doesn't taste very broccoli ish.

Helen uses raw cabbage leaves and puts small amount of cheese and low salt/fat turkey slices and maybe mustard for sandwiches this way.

Vickie said...

slice of cucumber is a very good substitute for a cracker or bread.

steamed zuchini and onions are good substitute for noodles in anything where you would use a tomato based sauce - you have to be very careful about the sauce - some are HIGH in carbs because of added sugars. Sodium can be high too.

Vickie said...

Helen is right - it is all good. It takes away most of the food problems that so many run into because processed is very controlled. It is eating at meal time (4-5 so next meal is always right around the corner), carbs are controlled and ONLY eaten with protein, protein is steady all day, and it is easy - the figuring out has already been done - just have to follow along.

Vickie said...

We are now sophisticatedly calling it MACRO - because that is what it is - like my brother uses for marathon training.

Cindy...154 said...

Thanks for the roasting ideas!! maybe i will try and lose 10 pounds. I see you doing this and it inspires me..but I am pretty happy in the mid to low 150's glad to see you doing good!!

Cindy...154 said...

PS - I have always been a yeller. I am better now but I still do it. I tell the kids now that I do it for emphasis..its nothing personal.. I try not to but it happens..