Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I can't count

I've done many different diets over the past 20 years, and the majority of them failed. What I've learned from my successful diet ventures--LA Weight Loss and Crack the Fat Loss Code--is that, when it comes to losing weight, I can't count.

If I count calories, I fail. If I count Points, I fail. If I count molecules, I fail. (Okay so I've never counted cellular matter, but I didn't have a 3rd thing to count & these things have to come in threes).

But, if I have an exchange program where I know how much food & what kind of food I can eat, then it works for me. That was how LAWL's plan was structured--so many proteins, so many veggies, so many starches, and so on. And that's how the Crack plan works--breakfast is a protein/starch, lunch is a protein/fat/veggie, snacks are protein, dinner is protein/veggie.

What also works is eliminating (for the most part) refined carbs from my daily diet. My Diet Nemesis (a.k.a. night time cravings) is gone. I don't crave junk food when I'm stressed. I don't need something sweet after I finish a meal.

The power of destruction of simple sugars in the body is mind blowing. Get rid of the simple sugars, and life is much more stable.

Wanna know the results from my first week? As of today, I've lost 3.8 pounds (since last Monday). I weighed 155.4 this morning. My loss has slowed the past two days, and I'm not sure if it's because (a) that's normal because I lost a big amount in the first 6 days, (b) I'm not eating enough (I'm not--the new meds are killing my appetite), or (c) I'm not exercising enough (I'm not doing this either).

In case it's (b) or (c), I'm making changes. I ate a good breakfast this morning, which I haven't been doing. And I'm planning on running at least 3 miles this afternoon, which will be the first time I've run since Saturday (when I got in 3 miles).

On the medication front, I think Pristiq is helping, but it's hard to be sure. I had some funky side affects this weekend. I felt really spacey & I was really tired. I slept 9 hours Sunday night & Monday morning I woke up and still felt hung over. This morning is better. I'm not under a black cloud, so at least that's a positive feeling. But I'm not overly positive--no uphill roller coaster feelings right now.

Oh, & I signed up to run our city's half marathon on October 11th. Training starts today.

The plan is to stay the course and pray for everyone's health to continue to be stable so I can keep up a semblance of normality. Normal is always a good thing.


Vickie said...

not saying that you are dumb - because you are not - and it never occurred to me either - but probably wasn't wise to start meds and change food up at the same time - because you will not be able to tell which is from what.

but on the other hand - getting yourself OFF the whites is such a big gift to yourself and your well being - that even if you/we had thought of it - you probably would have gone ahead and started.

what you are thinking is the meds (tireds, spacy) might TOTALLY be from the food.

And YES - you must eat at least 4 of the meals (preferably 5!) even if you have to put stickers on the calendar to remember.

Be VERY careful about weighing yourself empty. It is easy for that feeling to get reinforced (by the meds and the number on the scale and the fact that you have no appetite). I am weighing myself in the middle of the day. Helen says it is the male attitude - but I totally understand that the female one is not always the smartest. if you weigh yourself in the same 'state' - it is still apples to apples - so yes, that means my stats (under my picture on my side bar) are all FULL weights and I have no problem with that. what I lose from week to week - is still a loss. And I am eating all my meals and all my food.

Vickie said...

and if you are looking at the 'can't count' as a negative - I do not think that you should.

I think that moving into the eating whole foods, and eating evenly from the food groups, and eating meals/portions - is just the evolution of a healthy attitude about food.

It makes it so much less stressful. and it makes it much more about balance and health. And it is really so simple when you think about it. I totally get that this only works if one is eating whole foods.

(If one is living off processed - MUST count - because there are too many additives - it does not balance out. and I understand that some people thrive with this and are very, very good at it. And some can get to goal and stay there.)

I stopped counting after the first year. and that first year was very valuable. I not only learned the differences in calories - I also learned to really understand the ratios within the calories (not all foods are created equal). It was a necessary step in the process.

Jill said...

I'm not a "counter" either. Just tell me what's good and what's not and I'll do the best I can! I have found that counting molecules is an excellent way to pass the time at work though! ;)

Normal is a good thing - I hope you have lots of normal days ahead!

debby said...

Yes, Laura, normal is a good thing. I love normal.

I can't remember. What veered you off of this crack way of eating? Just life, or stress? Is this a way you can keep on eating forever, or do you have to figure something out for yourself when it is done?

It sounds pretty similar to how I am eating now--pretty much done with the refined carbs/processed foods. But your carb down days are more restrictive than mine. What are the total calories on your carb down days? Sorry for all the questions...just curious.

Funny, I can eat a small square of dark chocolate and be satisfied with that. I do eat it at the very end of the day though.

Mama said...

Hang in there. It sounds like you are doing pretty well with the food and the meds. Hopefully it will all balance out soon and you'll feel even better.

Have fun training for the half!

MCM Mama

Heather said...

that is SO true for me as well. I tried calorie counting and points with WW,etc., and never did well. LAWL was the only thing that was successful to me and theres no counting. I know I say it all the time, but I need to start the Crack diet because I think if you find success and you enjoy it because theres no counting (and you were successful with LAWL as I was), I think I will do well too.

Helen said...

I can't imagine ANYONE wants to count anything for a long-term plan. That's why I think that none of those plans really work long-term...including WW. But that's just me...

I think we are all different in the foods we can and can't regularly eat effectively to keep our weights in check. I have just realized the past weeks that the "whites" as Vickie calls them are so powerful in MY body that when I got rid of them (and when I eat a few) my body REALLY reacts. This is a huge realization for me.

I can't believe my nighttime cravings are over, but they are as long as I stay with the program (yes, that means eating ALL the meals, i.e. not less than 4 minimum -- I notice that I almost ALWAYS LOSE the day after I eat more carbs -- this makes sense with how the plan is structured -- letting the body know, by eating more carbs, that it can burn fat)!!!

Like you said the other day, it feels kind of like magic. But I think it's more like what Vickie says - this is a way of eating that works for A LOT of us.

Now, if I were a REAL sugar eater (remember, I don't even like fruit much), it might be a lot more challenging. But I am SO satisfied with this way of eating most days...I can definitely see doing it (or a variation) for a long time.

P.S. I agree with Vickie that it doesn't matter when you weigh as long as you are consistent...loss is loss! :-)