Thursday, June 25, 2009

Real life doesn't suck

I still don't have enough time to blog, or read your blogs which is most unfortunate for me, but thought I'd put up a quickie post. Work is crazy, home is a mess (I just unpacked last night, & am still doing my laundry from the trip), and summer evenings are late for the family. Not much time for the things I love, like blogging.

Monday was horrible. I was so vacation sick, it tore me up inside. I didn't want real life. I wanted my island life back.

Tuesday was better. Getting to workout helped. Yesterday was full fledged normal, & it felt good. I decided that I can deal with real life as it is, & maybe even work to make it better.

Tuesday I ran 2 miles on the treadmill (dangerously hot here) & lifted weights on actual weight machines at the gym. First time I've done that at the Y. It's probably been 10 years since I touched a weight machine. Lucky for me they are mostly idiot proof. Whatever I did was effective since I've got sore muscles.

Yesterday I walked 2 miles with my friend at the Y while our kids had swim lessons. Not much, but better than nothing.

Tonight I'm running 30 minutes & lifting weights for 30 minutes.

I'm building up some consistency with working out before I increase the amount of time I exercise. I went 2 weeks without any exercise. I missed it terribly.

Unless swimming in the ocean while on vacation counts. Which sort of does, but the swimming was offset by the countless Bushwhackers I drank on St. John (the best alcoholic drink ever invented, IMO).

We did have an awesome vacation. One of these days I'll detail the fun. The pictures really tell a better story, though. I had no idea I could feel so confident & happy in a bathing suit & revealing clothing. Maybe it was the sea air. Or the drinks. Whatever, I'll take it. I had a blast.

& I was definitely not at my skinniest weight on this trip. I weighed 157 when we left. I weighed 161 when we got home. Yesterday I was down to 159.8. I've got some work to do, but something strange is going on with me. I care about my weight, & I'm working on getting back into my comfy zone of 150-152, but I'm not destroyed over the gain. I'm not walking around all mopey & depressed because my body isn't perfect.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not "giving up" & staying at 159--I can't run fast for very long and my pants are snugger than I like. But I still look great. And I feel great. So why obsess over 10 lousy pounds? They'll come off as they come off, while I'm living my life healthfully & happily.

I think it was being able to physically do so much on St John--like swimming, hiking, walking, without ever feeling out of shape or tired--& look so good on St John, & be so happy on St John. The vacation mojo has carried over to real life. I hope it sticks around for a long long time.


Helen said...

It's great that some of that vacation feel-good-ness is lingering! You sound great and have a great attitude. I am sure the scale will go up while we're gone, but it will go right back down again when we get back to our new routine! :-) And yours will too!

Heather said...

it is SO hard coming back from a wonderful vacation. but hang in there and you will fall back into your routines. I understand too - I was up over 160 and luckily am back down, but it sure sucks huh!?

Jill said...

Hey girlie!! Glad you are working out and keeping that "island mentality"!! Your pics look great! :)

MCM Mama said...

LOVE your new profile picture! Glad you are settling in to being home and still feeling good about yourself!

Vickie said...

So glad you had a good time.

And very glad that you are being realistic about the fact that it is going to take a while to catch up again.

I was wondering if you were out running (in this heat!).

The kids did not even want to go to the pool yesterday - way too hot for us. We have been going to the movies a lot - several things that the kids wanted to see.

Vickie said...

Did you get in to see a psychiatrist (and just didn’t blog about it)?

Or are you waiting for an appointment?

or have you not done anything more about it?

The time to get in (if you haven’t already) is NOW while you are feeling good and have perspective – do not wait for another down cycle – it will be a lot harder then.

LG said...

I saw the photos and I'm thinking, "How gorgeous is Laura!?" The answer is 11 out of 10! You were happy and you didn't look at all self conscious. I think you're doing the right things to ease yourself back into "regular" life. You should feel good about yourself, you've accomplished a lot.

Doc Manette said...

I love that you see what all of us have been seeing for two years now . . . a beautiful, thin woman!