Monday, April 14, 2008

157.8 - I feel so special

I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to weigh in but I can't help myself. I'm such a scale 'ho. I know a lot of this is water weight but a lot of it isn't because my loose work pants are tight. This is where my true maintenance potential is being tested. And y'all know I'm gonna pass with flying colors. This weight is going to be gone before my race on May 3rd.

So, the feeling special part. Check me out here. I emailed Shauna that I feel special being part of her reader group. How freaking cool is it that I have a friend from Australia who lives in Scotland who has written a fabulous book? Love this internet community. Just love it.

I fired Luke's day care lady this morning, and it was rough but I got through it without crying (I cried a little afterwards while talking to DH, I'm not made of steel you know). She was shocked, had no idea and wished I'd have talked with her before I pulled him, said that toddlers process things differently and that's why he said "Ginger hit me." I told her that I'm sorry if I'm wrong but all I can do is trust my instincts and my son. It's over, and I'm glad. DH and I agree that we aren't filing charges or calling the police. My gut tells me she doesn't do this routinely and I don't want to ruin her life. I just want my son out of there, and he is.

I am off to my spa day in a few hours. I cannot wait. I'll have time to get in a solid run before picking up Sophie and Luke for her swim lessons today. I can't wait for that either. Gotta get the calories burned up so I can get that scale moving back down.

Hope you guys have a great start to the week. Thanks for the b-day wishes and the continued support with the boy's caregiver.
Smooches & Hugs,


Jess said...

Good to here you made a clean break with the daycare lady. If you're uncomfortable with your son there, that's all that matters; you don't need any other reasons.

Hope you enjoyed the spa.

Jill said...

Have fun at the spa!!

So glad your baby boy is safe and sound. That's gotta be a load off your mind.

Grumpy Chair said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Glad you were able to end the relationship with the sitter without any drama. You have to have peace of mind that your children are being well taken care of while you are at work.

I hope you had a great day at the spa and enjoyed your run today.

Look at you on Diet Girl's blog!!

Oh, and years ago when Fang Jr. was 5, we took him to a Japanese steak house thinking he would get a kick out of the chef and his fancy knife work. Instead Fang Jr. held his nose the whole time and almost gagged because of the strong cooking odors (delicious to some but not him).

Shauna said...

I hear ya Laura, somehow all those pics made everything seem more real and three dimensional :)

A belated happy birthday to you matey!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Happy Birthday and spa day. Hope you are relaxing, sounds like you need it. I'm so sorry about the daycare stuff. It is so hard to know what to do, you try to follow your instincts and do what is best for your kids. Good job, Mom.