Monday, April 07, 2008

153.6 - Summer Runnin'

It felt like summer today on my 3.1 mile run, even though it was only 73 degrees. I headed out at 4:20 p.m. and thanks to Daylight Savings Time the sun was still plenty high in the sky. For the first time in months, I ran outside in shorts and a sleeveless running shirt.

And it rocked.

Except at .20 miles when I turned my ankle. Yeah, not so much rocking then. I took a different route than usual since I only had 40 minutes and I wanted to get in 3+ miles, and my usual route makes me wait at a major highway for at least 5 minutes (total, coming and going) so I thought I'd take a different road today.

It started out great, loving the sunshine and warmth and light wind. I knew the parking lot I was running through (to get to a pretty area where I could run in a park--I wasn't just running a parking lot) had cracks, but I didn't realize the cracks were quite uneven. Well I hit one of those uneven spots just right, and my left ankle turned.

I stopped, of course, and paused my iPod and leaned over and gripped the nearby guardrail and nearly wept out of fear I'd really injured myself. I repeated over and over, "oh please, don't let it be bad, don't let it be bad" and I rolled my ankle around and flexed and pointed my foot and tested my weight to see how bad it hurt. It was tender, but it didn't appear to be swelling and it wasn't that painful to walk so I decided I'd try to run a half mile and see if it was okay.

And it was. At least, for the 3.1 miles I ended up running. Now my ankle's pretty achy and I'm thinking I should have bagged the run instead. But I'm a runner, darn it, and I didn't want to quit just because I turned my ankle a little bit.

I'm hoping it wasn't a colossally stupid thing to do and I don't look back on this with a bitter laugh in a few days and think, "Well I hope you learned your lesson, missy. Just what do you think you've got to prove? Go home next time you think you hurt yourself, 'kay?"

After we got the kids to bed I put an ice pack on it, which unfortunately was 4 hours after it happened, but that's the best I could do. And it's wrapped in a bandage and elevated while I'm typing this. I'm going to ice it again in about half an hour, and then try to keep it elevated while I sleep.
We had a fabulous weekend, thanks in no small part to the fabulous spring weather that finally decided to arrive. I was wiped out after my run Saturday, but had tons of stuff to do so there was no rest for me. I started feeling re-energized by evening, and DH and I had a great time at the charity auction (we bid on and won a beautiful original water color painting from a local artist). Sunday I felt fine, a little stiff but not really sore at all, and today I could not wait to get outside and run in the gorgeous weather. So it's good to know the 10 miles didn't destroy me.

Speaking of those 10 miles, the inhaler has worked wonders. I can breathe again while running, which is a big plus. I felt super strong the first 7 miles and only started to tire on the last 3, which unfortunately were up some gentle inclines. I can't really call them hills because Evansville doesn't have many hills, but there is the occasionally elevation and I saved a long slow elevation for around mile 7.5-8, and then again around 8.5. I didn't plan my course--I just went out and ran (I love my Garmin)--so I didn't even think about making the hardest part the end of the run. Oh well. I still finished 10 even if I didn't finish all that strong. I was really thankful I could breathe the whole time and I also didn't end up with even one blister (I love body glide, too).

Question for you runners--do you eat gu or sport beans on 10 mile runs? I don't know when you're supposed to refuel. I didn't and I haven't on any of my long runs yet, because I didn't think they were that long. But I bet if I'd popped some caffeine or sugar around mile 6 I'd have felt a lot better for those last miles. What do you all do and what's your preferred poison? Many thanks in advance for your helpful comments.
I am trying my best not to eat anything else tonight, and so am off to finish laundry and read your blogs. TTFN.


Marcy said...

Oooooo I hope that ankle is ok! Don't you just love this time of year with the daylight savings?

As for your question . . I usually do Gu, but really anything with low sugar would probably be ok for me (carbBoom, e-gel, etc . .). (I get BAD runners poo if I ingest too much sugar during a long run LOL)

Jess said...

Sucks about the ankle. How does it feel today?

Pokey said...

Yes, yes!!!! You ran 10 miles without eating anything? You are my hero :)

But yes, all joking should really refuel every 30-45 minutes on a long run like that. You will be amazed at the difference.

I like Gu's and Shot Bloks.

ws said...

I refuel(ed) about once an hour or so...I'm an e-gel fan though...Gu and I didn't agree.

Grumpy Chair said...

Hey Laura, I have not been on the computer since Friday, but wanted to say congratulations on your 10 mile run.

Also, I hope your ankle is doing better today.

Heather said...

great job getting out there, although sorry to hear about your ankle.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Sorry to hear about the ankle.
I do Carboom gels, as much as I hate the texture, I just find they do what they're supposed to really quick. Nutrition is different for everyone, and you have to experiment (before race day). Good luck!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I think rule of thumb is anything over 60 minutes deserve a gu and then every 30 to 45 minutes. You probably would have picked right back up. Really nice job getting through it!

You probably just need to do a little experimenting to find out what works best for you. I'm usually starting to drag around 5 which is about an hour for me. If it's going to be really long, I might gu at 4 to prevent the lull. Happy Gu-ing.