Thursday, April 10, 2008

155.2 - Back to Basics

So this morning's scale reading was not pretty. But not a huge surprise given the amount of carbs I have been eating. Yesterday I had not only a Panera cinnamon scone for breakfast (darn wholesalers bringing us goodies), but also pancakes at 9 p.m. Um, yeah, that's going to make the scale go up.

Not to mention since McD's brought back their Southwest salad, I've had one every day. They aren't that high in calories, but with the dressing it's over 1200 grams of sodium and that's a lot of bloat.

When my weight is up a pound or two, it's not a big deal. But I am now at my upper range and in the red zone of my comfort level. Gotta get it back down in the green zone.

I wrote down everything I ate today and stuck to my LAWL exchange plan and so far am at 1425 calories. I've got a yogurt and strawberries still to eat, and as long as I can keep myself from eating a bunch of junk in the middle of the night I'll stay on track. I'm going to keep writing stuff down until I get my weight back down in the 150-152 range. And then who knows, maybe I'll keep it up and actually make it to goal.

I also ran 5 miles tonight. They were slow and sloggy, and I'm not sure why but I just wasn't feeling it. It happens, I know, and it's probably just an extension of the hormonal garbage I've got going on right now. But at least I was out there.

We are hopefully not going to get hit by the worst of the storms coming our way. The weather man said that Kentucky and Tennessee are going to get the bad stuff and we are in for some rain and thunder until midnight but then it's supposed to stop. Jill said they got slammed with bad storms last night and it was coming my way (thanks for the head's up sistah!). I'm hoping we are gonna dodge this batch.

I'm watching American Idol on the DVR as I type this, and I just have to say it--what is up with the skinny jeans? Simon was right when he told Carly she needed someone to dress her. I can say this because I have hips--you cannot wear skinny jeans tucked into boots unless you are a stick. It doesn't work if you're curvy. I would never be caught dead in some of the stuff she and Ramielle wore. Carly, please stop wearing those awful clothes. Okay, rant's over.


Vickie said...

Your wholesalers will TOTALLY bring you good things - like fresh fruit - if you just ask them to only bring healthy (and then tell them what you consider healthy) and not to bring any of the other stuff - ever.

Marcy said...

5 miles is 5 miles not matter how you get it done. GREAT JOB chica ;D ;D

Jill said...

I completley agree with you about Carly's clothes!! Her hair and makeup look great, but her clothes leave a lot to be desired.

I've got that hormone thing going on too right now. It sucks.

I hope the rain didn't get you!!

Grumpy Chair said...

I have never tried the McD's Southwest salad. Though the kids eat there I finally stopped getting the plain ham. and now only get a medium coffee (good coffee).

I know when it all "comes together" (exercise, food journal, no grazing) the weight comes off; so it sounds like you got it under control (send me some of that control thing).

Hope you have a great weekend.

Pokey said...

A 5 mile run is a 5 mile good for you for just doing it! It's about 100% more than what I've done this week :X

When I get back from traveling next week, I think I need your help. I have got to hit the weight loss thing hard and heavy! (no pun intended) And I need someone to kick my butt ;)

Heather said...

hang in there, it looks like you are doing well with sticking to the LAWL plan, and Im sure the scale is up because of that scone. mmmm panera is so good!