Thursday, April 17, 2008

155.2 - Spring Fever

Oh my, the weather is the stuff movies in Hollywood are made of. And where am I? Stuck inside at work, like thousands of others aching to enjoy the global warming otherwise known as Spring. Luckily my window opens so at least I have some fresh air.

And guess who's with me today? Miss Sophie. She got a sore throat last night and a low grade fever, and we thought she'd try to tough it out today at school on ibuprofen but she is really sick. The school nurse called at 10:30 to say she had a 100.3 fever and a sore throat. I got her into the doctor at 11:15 and by 11:30 he'd confirmed she has strep. He said it's rampant right now, and the poor girl just doesn't seem to dodge any disease. Thankfully she isn't dizzy with this bout (bacterial infections don't seem to trigger her dizzy spells) and thankfully we caught it early and she's on antibiotics. Now we'll see if Luke stays healthy. He's not nearly as prone to catching stuff as she is.

I got in 5 miles yesterday, which was one less than I'd hoped but really one more than I thought I'd have time for. My avg. speed was 10:46. I tried an energy gel after 3 miles because I wanted to see what they were like and if they helped. I was not prepared for the sticky thick sweetness, even though I'd read they could be horrible. I couldn't get the thing opened right and ended up with gel on my fingers and was sticky for the last two miles. But it must have done something for me because, even though mile 4 was 11:09, mile 5 was 10:19. I did push myself because it was after 5 p.m. when I was running the last mile but the energy gel must have helped.

That's what I'm going to tell myself anyway the next time I'm running a long run and using those gels again. I've got to do 9.3 miles this weekend and then next weekend I'll do 6 and then the next weekend is the Half in Indy. I can't believe it's already almost here.

And I think I need new running shoes. I've only got just over 200 miles on these but I can feel the cushioning under my forefoot getting weak. Do you guys think I have enough time to break in a new pair in 2 weeks before the race? Or should I stick with the ones I've got?

No run today because I need a rest day and have a sick girl who's contagious until tomorrow afternoon and DH is swamped with work and can't keep the kids while I go to the gym. Maybe tonight if it's still nice I'll go for a walk in the neighborhood to work out the cobwebs in my head.
For any American Idol watchers, I wasn't surprised to see Kristy Lee go, but I was kind of sad. She has got to be the most gracious loser I've ever seen. I know why--because she constantly felt like (and was reaffirmed by Simon and America) that she didn't belong there. And she was never going to take it all the way, but I did feel like her last couple of performances were really superb. I was totally bummed and shocked that Michael Johns left last week. What's up with that? He was awesome. David Cook is still hands down the best one there, and if he doesn't win then I will be sorely disappointed. I started voting the week before last, and feel like a geek every time I dial the phone but hey, I gotta vote or I can't complain if DC loses. He is the only person on the show who's album I would buy. (I'd have bought one from Michael Johns, too, and if he gets a record deal, I'll be thrilled.) But I only listen to Dave Matthews anymore so what do I know. ;-)~


Grumpy Chair said...

Sorry to hear about poor Sophie. Hope she is feeling better by tomorrow afternoon. When we lived in Edmond OK for a short time before we were transferred to Houston, we had the best pediatrician. She used an alternative pharmacy that made unique items that you couldn't get at the regular Walgreens. Like gel to rub on infants/toddlers wrists to stop vomiting. Also they made lollipops for strep throat. A few minutes sucking on it, left the throat numb for awhile and the kids felt so much better.

Fang Jr. and I voted for AI's one season - Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice/Bison? (I can't remember his last name - that belly fat dementia thing). You shouldn't feel geeky or silly voting - it's the new American way.

ws said...

I wait until the final 3 or 4 to start voting typically. David Cook is by far the best, no comparison.

Jill said...

I"m totally with you on AI. Now it's getting to the point where they are all so good that it's getting harder and harder to decide who should stay. Althoug, I must confess, Karly gets on my nerves. Something about her, I don't know if it's the giant arm tatoo (not that I have anything against tatoos, but really, that's alittle excessive don't you think?)or the fact that she is really too good for this competition, I don't know. David Archuletta kinda bugs me too - he has an amazing voice, but he's not my favorite. I really like Brooke and I adore Jason, but really I'd like to see David Cook win - he used to play around here in Tulsa, but I never saw him. =(

I think I'm going to have to start adding some running to my walking sessions because I am falling further and further behind on the Tigerlilly challenge. Oh, and now I am walking at the same pace as when I was running before, so maybe I can run faster now. Got rack up some mileage somehow!! I am still in awe of your bad running self!!

Have you ever read "Stink - The Incredible Shrinking Kid"? There is a character in there who calls herself "Sophie Queen of the Elves". I always think of that whenever you mention Sophie!! My son read it last year, pretty good book!

Have a great day girl!!