Tuesday, April 15, 2008

155.4 - Mr. Happy

Yesterday's spa day was excellent. I actually fell asleep during my facial when she put the mask on and left the room for a while (I woke myself up with a snore, how embarrassing), and then again during my massage while she was working on my back. I have to confess--I took a xanax before my appointments because I was so strung out from all the stress of the day care crap, and it made me super relaxed so I'm sure that's why I fell asleep a couple of times. Whatever, I still felt like a million bucks during and after.

I made it to the gym afterwards for a 2.5 mile run, and my legs felt like lead. I don't recommend going running after 2 hours of relaxation. Then I did 1 more mile while Sophie had swim class. I talked with my mom for most of her swim class and actually walked for half a mile while on my cell phone (I know that's bad gym etiquette but we were talking about the day care stuff and I never talk on my phone on the treadmill, so I don't feel that bad about the bad manners), then finished with a half mile running at 10 min/mile pace.

Food was great yesterday until last night. Then the munchies hit and I had a carb fest of about 400 calories. I still wrote everything down even though it wasn't on plan, and finished the day at 1860 calories. Since I burned about 350 with my 3.5 miles, net calories for the day weren't bad. But carbs that late is bad for fat burning.

My right hamstring has been achy all day today. Not sure what's up with that. I'm running this afternoon in the gorgeous spring sunshine and I'm hoping I don't have any problems.

And Luke did great at the new sitter's yesterday. He's such a champ. Brandy (our friend and his new care giver) said he was terrified of the potty and didn't want to go at all, so she didn't push it with him. My guess is that's where all the problems with the old sitter came from. I feel even better about getting him in this new situation. I thought you all might enjoy a picture of the boy from spring break in my favorite t-shirt of his (don't you just love the drool?).

Guys, if you haven't yet go buy Pasta Queen's book. I got an email today from Amazon that it should arrive on April 21st and I am so excited. Jennette is from Indianapolis and is also running the Mini Marathon on May 3rd, so I'm hoping to meet up with her sometime during or after the race. She and I run almost the exact same pace (her 9.3 mile run was 11:18 average, and my 10 mile run was 11:17 average), so I might even get to run WITH the Queen. How cool would that be? Seriously, go buy her book now. It's sure to be kick ass.


Grumpy Chair said...

I adore Mr. Happy. He looks so . . . happy!

I was wondering if the potty training was where the problem was. It can be frustrating for both parties, but not to the point of corporal punishment.

That would really be cool if you get to run with "the queen"! I put myself on a book/magazine purchase ban for 2008 - but I am going to make an exception for Pasta Queen. I want to wait and see if she is coming to my area so I can get one signed!

Your massage and facial sounded so relaxing.

Vickie said...

darling picture

My physical therapist will be running with you guys in Indy also.

Lori said...

Oh, he's adorable!

I hope things go well with Mr. Happy and his new provider.

You did a great job running after all of that relaxation and I hope you get to run with the PQ. That would be awesome!!

Jill said...

Mr. Happy is Mr. Cutie!!! Love it!

How cool would that be if you ran with PQ?? Then I could say, "my friend whom I've never met ran with this blogger I really like who wrote a book!" Um..okay maybe I won't say that out loud, but it sounds cool in my head! =)

Hope your run was great!

Cindy154 said...

I've not been able to find your blog for a while. I am glad I found it by linking from Grumpy's blog page. Xanax and a spa/massage, does it get any better than that?? Definately skip the gym next time.. Thanks for the info on Pasta Queen's book. I'm just tickled to get back on your blog.