Saturday, April 05, 2008

153.6 - 10 MILES

I did it.

10 miles


Avg pace: 11:17

Calories burned: 1201

I'm gonna go pass out now.



sheila said...

GREAT JOB!!!!!!! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT. I got my long run in also and now we are ready for our 1/2

Vickie said...

congrats - I am going to measure 10 miles on my trip-o-meter in the car on Monday so I can picture exactly how far that is - that you went on just your own, two, little legs.

Carly said...

Nice Job!!!!

BTW, I tag you to do the 6 word memoir : )

Heather said...

wow awesome job!!! you rock!

Jill said...

Holy cow sistah!!! That is completely awesome!! I am so proud of you.
I'll even let you borrow my bullet proof bracelets!

Marcy said...

WHOOOO HOOOOO CONGRATS chica! 10 miles is a lot!! ;D ;D

P.O.M. said...

YEAHHHHHH! 10 miles is a huge accompishment! Congrats.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment! As long as I don't gain, I'll be happy :)

Jess said...

Great job!

Roxie said...

Great job. Wow.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

YOU ROCK (and kinda fast!)