Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 309 - 153.0 Holiday Recap Ramble

Hiya gang! I am happy to report I haven't gained any weight over Christmas. Yes, it's up today, but that's because I had dinner out with DH last night complete with potatoes and bread and teriyaki fish, and also had potato chips at 11 p.m. while watching "A Few Good Men" on DVD, so I'm retaining some serious water today. (We saw "Charlie Wilson's War" after dinner, and it was everything I expected and I recommend it.)

Yesterday's weight was 151.8, my "holding steady" weight. Yesterday was the first day I'd stepped on a scale since my last post on 12/20, so I did a little happy dance that I had stayed the same.

I got to run on Christmas eve, a nice 4 miles at sunset, so I enjoyed the Christmas lights. I haven't run since, but am planning on doing something either today or tomorrow.

Santa brought me a Garmin Forerunner 205! My husband completely surprised me. He also bought me a PajamaGram, a fabulously beautiful red velour strappy gown (with matching robe) and it looks like I should be on a dance floor instead of lounging around, it is so pretty. I joked that the Garmin is so I can stay looking good in the nighty.

I can't believe Christmas is over. We had a great one, but it was a blur. The kids had fun and got way too much stuff, but at their ages it's quantity over quality, right?

We hosted DH's family (a total of 15 adults and 4 kids, including us) for Christmas night dinner and it went well--my stuffed chicken and glazed carrots were a hit. I'm always nervous when I have to cook for a group of people, since I don't cook. But I follow recipes well, and everything turned out quite tasty.

The tree got knocked over at the end of the night, and surprisingly no alcohol was involved. Just too many people in the family room with a very old tree stand. We lost several precious ornaments--a kitty cat one that was Sophie's favorite and she cried and cried over--but it could have been so much worse. I collect a new ornament for Sophie every year (gotta get that started for Luke), and I was afraid those were broken, but they all survived. Everyone helped take the ornaments off and I got the rest of the tree down yesterday, so it's down early. That's record time for me--usually it's up until after New Year's.

So my mom had the kids last night and today so we could have a night out and I could work today (see how much I'm getting done?), and I slept in until 9 a.m. this morning. Ahh, heaven! More of DH's out of town family is coming over tonight, and the weekend will hopefully be non-eventful. Just hanging out with the kids, enjoying their new toys and maybe I'll get the rest of the decorations put away.

I'm hoping to try out the Garmin on the next dry day; it's raining and cold and so it's the treadmill for me until the sun shines again.

At my Mom's house on Saturday, where we had Christmas with my side of the family, I saw a horrible picture of me from last Christmas when I was 60 pounds heavier than I am now, and the resulting emotions are fodder for an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned.

I hope you all had a holiday that you can look back and smile upon.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Woo hoo great job on the weight. Me, not so much. Time to hit it hard.

So sorry about the ornaments. I always worry about the tree tipping but mostly because I don't want some little one to get trapped. The things we moms worry about.

The pajama gram and Garmin are awesome!! ENJOY!!

Tigerlilly said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas... and that you made it thru without gaining any weight!! That makes two of us!! Yeah us!!

Have a great weekend and a Happy New Year!!!

Lori said...

Great job on the weight and getting through the holidays and guests. Can you imagine that you would spend Christmas Eve on a run? Isn't that wonderful? I'm thrilled for you, Laura!! That's so sweet about the nightgown and the Garmin.

As for Sophie's ornament, perhaps you can go on Ebay and find another one to replace it.

Grumpy Chair said...

Nice nightgown - your hubby has great taste. And you got your Garmin!

I wished we would have taken the tree down on Wednesday, before Fang's surgery, because it is going to be a pain for me to do it all (and the outside decorations) by myself. But I'm up to new challenges like ladders!

I am about to go ape sh*t with all the toys strewn around the house, but plan on letting it stay that way for another few days - Tuesday, it will all be put in the proper place.

Here's hoping for nice beautiful running weather for you and your new running buddy.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Congrats on the Garmin! My marathon-runner SIL got one for Christmas, too, and she was thrilled.

Jess said...

I have the 205 and I think you'll like it. Glad you had such a nice holiday!

ws said...

I hope you enjoy your garmin - they are evil, though, evil. Hope you are having a great weekend...

Marcy said...

YAY!!! Sounds like a great Christmas! Santa was good to you :-)

I love that ornament deal. I do the same with my kids. New ornament every year as a stocking stuffer. My Grandmother did it for all of her grandkids. Mine are still kicking on our tree from 1979-2001 they're all there LOL

Anne M. said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas with family and festivities, even though the knocked over tree wasn't exactly on the schedule. Having special ornaments each year really becomes a wonderful tradition specific to each child and fills up the tree, too! I have some on my tree that were gifts to me growing up and there are lots of memories when I put up my own tree.

Your gift to yourself was keeping it all going without bobbling. Having a run looking at Christmas lights sounds like a relaxing as well as healthy way to celebrate.

The Garmin is awesome!