Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 293 - 151.2 - 5 miles and a trip to Target

Yesterday I made it out for a 5.1 mile run. It wasn't a great one, and I was ready to quit around mile 2. That's the good thing about running outside--once you're out there, you can't just give up 'cause it's your own two feet that have to carry you home. Anywho, I had a choice around 2.5 miles whether to turn left and finish with 3 or turn right and go for my planned-for 5. Obviously I ran the 5, but it wasn't without protest.

It must have been the warm humid weather (we either tied or hit a new record high yesterday, 68*), or else my recent malaise, but I was not feeling it. Around mile 4 for about 5 minutes I felt great. That's not saying much for a 57 minute run.

Once I was finished, I was happy I'd put in the effort. I know my evening went better with the endorphins running through me.

After my run and after picking up the kids, I had to go to Target. I needed to buy a ton of stuff, so I got the cart with the two kids' seats on the front so the basket would be empty (Sophie usually sits in the basket and Luke sits in the kid seat). This was the first time Luke's been in this kind of seat, which provides more freedom even though he was sort of strapped in. It was such a pain. He did not want to stay put, especially since Sophie kept getting up and walking around.

I bought them a pretzel to share and Sprites to drink, and that kept him busy for a while. I got all the stuff I needed, and then we mosied over to the toys. I finally let Luke out of his seat, and he found a tricycle sitting in the aisle that his butt stayed glued to until it was time to check out. He was so cute, riding all over the toy aisles and up to the checkout area. Needless to say, he's getting a new tricycle for Christmas. But-- Oh, the drama when I had to take him out and put him back in the cart. I was ready to sell my 2 year old to the highest bidder.
I got the Bourne Ultimatum for DH, and last night I was able to watch about 30 minutes of it before falling asleep (saw it in the theater, but can't wait to watch it again--LOVE this trilogy). Wendy, you'll appreciate this. The back of the DVD has the bonus features listed, and on all but one, they end with an exclamation point. It was so annoying, and I kept thinking how stupid they looked-- "See the making of the car chase!" "Listen as Matt Damon talks about how sexy he is!" None of them were ! worthy. Luckily the movie doesn't reflect the DVD case writer's abilities.
Sophie was dizzy this morning, and it started when she rolled over on her right side. I made her get up, and made her go to school even though she still wasn't feeling 100% after breakfast. I called school about an hour ago and they said she was doing fine and hadn't complained about being dizzy at all, Thank God. I was feeling really guilty about pushing her, but I'm glad I did. Santa brought letters to her class today, and she'd have hated to miss out. Her ENT appointment is tomorrow; I'm praying we will get some answers soon.


Jess said...

Good job on getting you 5 miler done. Sometimes the runs kinda suck, but if you get through them, you feel worlds better.

We rented the Bourne Ultimatum, but haven't watch it yet. Hope to get to it tonight.

Hope Sophie is okay!

Grumpy Chair said...

Feeling inspired to go walk on treadmill after posting this comment.

I bought the Bourne Ultimatum DVD yesterday too (BTW - Wally's has the new Harry Potter on sale for $14.97).

We watched The Bourne Ultimatum last night and it is really good. I hope they continue with the series and make more.

Have you seen the Jimmy Kimmel spoof? Just google "Jimmy Kimmel Spoof on Bourne Ultimatum". Very very funny.

Marcy said...

I'm not a fan of those double seat front thingys. I do the same, Keira in the basket, Cam up front. But they sure as heck beat the car carts. OMG you've never seen a pair of white trash children til you've seen mine in a carcart together. Fighting, trying to get of the thing, standing up, it's wonderful *rolls eyes* LOL

Jill said...

I envy you your 68* weather!! We are still digging ourselves out from under the Great Ice Storm of 2007! I have discovered that hell is not actually a lake of fire, it's one big sheet of ice!!

I hate those two seater carts - they are soooo heavy!! Like the 500 pounds of groceries isn't heavy enough, let's add 100 more pounds in kids to the mix!!

Jill said...

I forgot to add to my url!!! I"m clearly not thinking clearly today - need more java!!

Cookie Monster said...

I'm new to your blog but I love your honesty!
Keep up the great progerss!!

PastaQueen said...

Yay for running 5! I have to do a thing on the local trail where I double back for half a mile to make it to 5 miles without crossing a really busy street. I always do it at the beginning because I know I'll be tempted to skip it if I do it at the end when I'm running back past my apartment.