Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day 300 - 151.8 Dizzy-ness stuff

Sophie's back at school today. I got her to bed early, and let her sleep until she woke up herself. She wasn't dizzy upon waking, and only felt slightly dizzy when she sat up and when she first started walking. We just take it slow and let her adjust with each movement, and if the dizzy goes away, then we're good. We were at the house for about 90 minutes before I took her to school, and even though she felt a little dizzy after getting out of the car, she walked the whole way to class and was fine. The kids were in "centers" (doing different works around the room) when we got there, and a little boy came up and asked her to help him with legos. So she got right to work and didn't even tell me goodbye. It was a very good thing.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this was a short episode and we are not going to see a repeat of the last one that was two weeks long.

I appreciate all your comments--I am so frustrated and at wits end on what to do next. The more I think about it, the ENT was really discouraging. He basically just gave up and shuffled her back to the neurologist. His statement that even if it is something inner ear related, they can't fix it anyway, is infuriating to me now. What I should have said, and what I will probably discuss with her pediatrician, is that I want to KNOW if it's inner ear related. Fine, we can't fix it, but at least we will know what it is.

Maybe we'll see another ENT. Maybe the neurologist will want to repeat all the tests she had when she was 4 (I have mixed feelings about that). Maybe she needs to see an allergist (none of the doctors has mentioned that at all).

DH wants me to start keeping a log of everything she does--when she sleeps, what she eats, her activities, if she has a cold, what the weather is like--so maybe we can pick up patterns. What I can tell him already is that it does seem to happen when she's got something sinus-related going on (she's had a runny nose and cough since the weekend). And when she doesn't get enough sleep. And sometimes when she's had a fever or other virus. Other than that, there's no rhyme or reason. At least that I can tell.

So no running for me yesterday; and I didn't eat too terribly bad, even though I was on no kind of food plan and didn't eat one fruit or veggie. I just didn't max out on junk. Thankfully the scale is still holding steady, even down a bit more today.

The weather is gorgeous here--mid 40s, sunny--and I'm aching to be running. But being out of the office for two days, and I'm leaving at 2:30 to pick Sophie up so she doesn't have to stay in day care and it's not such a trying day, doesn't leave any time for ME. But it's not about me right now. And that's just fine.


Grumpy Chair said...

Sounds like a good idea with the food/activities diary for Sophie.

I would definitely get a second opinion from another ENT doc.

Hope you have a great day.

ws said...

hope you have a chance to relax today even if relaxing happens while running.

Vickie said...

Laura - please -
find a decongestant (through your pharmasist) that is appropriate for kids and will not mess up her sleep - TRY it when she is having problems and see if it has an impact - if it does have an impact - then you know it is fluid related.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Look at you 151!! Good for you, Sweetie. Sorry I have been MIA. I am trying to get caught back up. I am so sorry that Sophie is having another bout. I do hope it is a little one. Man, I hope you can get some answers. Hang in there, Mom. You are doing what you can for her.

Thanks for all your nice comments and support. Hope things calm down and you can have a great holiday.

Tigerlilly said...

I can't imagine how frustrating it is to not know what is causing your daughter such misery. I CAN imagine the stress it is putting on you. I think you are right on in looking for a second opinion and also in contacting an allergist.

Take a breath.. this, too, will pass.

Have a Merry Christmas. I am blessed to have met you and cant thank you enough for being such a wonderful friend.

P.O.M. said...

Poor little lady. Sounds so frustrating.

In other news, you are sooooooooo close to be in the 140s you gotta keep it up.